Capcom/Street Fighter games with a cpu vs cpu mode?

What Capcom/Street Fighter games have a cpu vs cpu mode?
In particular is there any that the life gauge can be set on infinite so they keep fighting forever?

Or, now hear me out…you could play the game.
I radical idea I know, but stranger things have happened.

You might as well take this and run before the imminent thread close.

Yeah you might want to check out Mugen. You can make a Capcom-themed mugen and watch them fight each other. I honestly wanted something like this in an FG as well (whether it be SF, Tekken, or VF). I always liked watching the attract modes in older arcade ports of these games. I’m weird like that, but really. Mugen definitely would be what you are looking for.

I know sfex1 on ps1 does.(with fps view option!) I think ex2 and ex3 also but I could be wrong.

I think in most games this is something you would have control of in the Options menu. Set both Player1 and Player 2 to CPU control. Some games require a second controller plugged in order to access VS. mode, but you could set Player 2 as CPU if you wanted to play Vs. mode by yourself. Other games even have a separate CPU Vs. CPU mode or a “Watch” mode variation.

PS2 version of Third Strike has CPU vs CPU I believe, not sure if it had infinite health though.

I love atracd modes haha they get me in an arcade mood. sometimes while studying or reading I leav SFA3 or MK4 in atract mode. Lovely (but weird yes)