Capcom / SNK / Tecmo Import Saturn games+Hori Upscan (VGA) Converter All on EBAY!

All up on eBay.

Most have been sitting in a box for 5+ years, or were picked up from Super Potato in Akihabara. See auctions for individual information, but all of them are in (overall) excellent condition.

Will be more to come…

CAPCOM Marvel Super Heroes (Import Sega Saturn):

SNK King of Fighters '96 (Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers(Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM X-Men: Children of the Atom (Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM Vampire Savior (Import Sega Saturn) Darkstalkers

CAPCOM Street Fighter Collection (Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM Street Fighter Zero (Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM Street Fighter Zero 2 (Import Sega Saturn)

CAPCOM Street Fighter Zero 3 (Import Sega Saturn)

TECMO Dead or Alive (Import Sega Saturn)

HORI VGA Upscan Converter 2

Goddamn… you had to put this up after i sold my saturn? if you had this up about a month or so ago, i’d have bought the whole thing…

:wgrin: I am putting up a couple more Saturn titles today, also.

You could always pick up another white Saturn on teh cheap from eBay :lol:

Yo, Robin, if I bid on these and win can you give them to my boy Kevin to hold instead of me paying shipping?

Well, they’re being sent from my house in sterling, courtesy of my brother. So, no, since i’d have to ship them to me first, then give them to Kev, who’d give them to you.

But, if you want to wait, I can pick them up in sterling when I go up there for the C3 tourney on Feb 3rd.

Your call. If you win.