Capcom: Replays are exclusive to the PlayStation Vita

I’m now sure how the rest of you feel about replays being Vita-exclusive, but I’m pretty mad. How did you react to this?

are you fucking kidding me

and what the fuck is this ultimate controller. you’d better not be able to use this shit online
i’m so mad i’m gonna double post rather than edit my previous one

Wow, fuck you capcom. Seriously, fuck you. Paid 100 bucks for this game, and the fucking Vita version gets replay.

Fuck you capcom.

Really bad news, what is the point of this feature in a console without the main community of the game?

I can’t imagine the controls on a portable will be as accurate on the console, so the only matches getting recorded will probably be decidedly un-hype

Adding my voice to the outrage over this–I fail to see why they would refuse to follow their own precedent set by SSF4. It’s a terrible idea that punishes their most ardent fan base.

What a surprise, Capcom leaving out basic shit once again

It’s possibly (probably at this point) because Capcom is saving that feature as a hook for the next instalment of MvC3 for console. While PSV Marvel won’t be getting updated so they’re throwing it in there from the get-go.

Don’t worry guys, they’ll figure out this new mystery replay technology thingy for Super Ultimate MVC3 in about 3-4 months, just like they solved the whole mysterious Spectator mode thingy from Vanilla to Ultimate within a few months. Pioneers, these Capcom developers be, just give them time to figure it out…since they’ve never done anything like this before, this is all new territory for them.

Capcom, I thought we had agreed that even Ultimate’s existance was but an unfortunate coincidence.
Stop abusing my trust in you before I lose it.

I laffed.

Marvel vs Capcom has always been a C tier franchise to Capcom unlike it’s spoiled brother Street Fighter. This makes me sad because I love the MvC series a lot.

Online for this game still sucks any way. Just sucks a bit less.

the only replays worth watching are on streams anyway

Seems pretty stupid that they don’t include replays in console version… they will probably use the outrage to announce replay mode DLC in a few months (and lets hope we don’t have to pay for it)

guise im prety sure it was fucking hard to put replays in console just like it was hard to put spectator mode in vanilla:rolleyes:

“I understand the desire to have this on console UMVC3 (which was why it was something we had been pushing for), but there are no plans I know of right now to add this feature outside of the Vita.” – Seth Killian

Poor Seth, sucks that he has to be the one to answer for these retarded choices.

yeah sucks they send seth out to get all the blame for capcom being stupid. i know he don’t agree with half the BS they do.

Just absurd. I wonder what is the reasoning behind this.