Capcom please stop making us press start and just change it to A

Why do we constantly have to keep tapping the start button anyways? But yeah just make it A. Most stick have us reaching round the back and shit. There’s no reason it can’t just be A.

Ahh yes to be young again. I, too, recall times when I would think I had found solutions both efficient and elegant to flaws that I had conjured into existence.

While 99% of the time your proposed idea would indeed allow a player to proceed we must think of a small percentage of the playerbase , the “arcade stick user”

This’ll be easier with a visual aid , below is a diagram for a typical “straight six” arcade stick , which I believe to be the most popular
O 000
I. Poo

here we see the O references the head of the stick and the I the shaft while the zeroes refer to the “buttons” . But boel! You exclaim, one of the buttons could easily be A . Ahh yes but we must consider with the average sf5 mains button config is

1st button - dpad up
2nd button - screenshot
3rd button - lag switch
4th button - throw macro
5th button - ppp+KKK
6th button - power off wireless router

In this standard config unfortunately the A button is not individually mapped , so in their wisdom Capcom decides to go with the old tried and true start button which was ensured to have its own dedicated mapping

They should probably sort out the whole ‘‘DLC on the disc’’ thing before this.

Stick players stay on some crycry shit