Capcom party in San Francisco, Jan. 11 2007


Just FYI, we’re having a launch party for Capcom’s “Lost Planet” on January 11th in San Francisco (that’s a Thursday night).

Lost Planet is a shooter rather than a fighter, but it is a a lot of fun and a competitive game. The event will have free food and drinks, as well as assorted fun stuff like a climbing wall, a master LEGO builder making mechs, all the Lost Planet developers (they’ll sign stuff and play against the top tournament finishers–did I mention there was a tournament? Because there is…).

It’s also a chance to hassle Capcom guys in person about SF4, MVC3, etc.–no joke. I’ll point out who to squeeze, you can hassle them all night, and it will actually matter. The more the merrier–if we can show them that SFers will come out and take over an event, it’ll totally make an impression for the stuff we want to do in the future.

You MUST register to be on the guest-list and attendance is limited, so get while the gettin is good. Register here:

login: Genesis password: 111

18+ to attend, 21+ to drink.


Sounds good but I’m stuck all the way here in England. People should go to this and bitch in person about CvS3!!!

Were there more posts in here earlier? Strange.

Anyway, I can’t make it due to work, as much as I would like to.

See you guys there =)

Lost planet should be a league game along with Halo, Gears, and R6. Not to mention fighting games of course.

Any chance of free stuff like T-shirts or anything?

Edit: Nevermind I logged in.

I’ll try to go if I’m not busy that night.


Ill go. Dont have anything better to do ona thursday night.

PS: will they have 3s there? :lol:

I don’t know if it’s explained in full, but there will be not just free t-shirts, but a free silk-screen where you can design your own Lost Planet shirt and have them make it for you. There may also be free pre-made t-shirts, but I’m not sure about that one.

Again, make sure to register if you want to go–I think they aren’t taking walkups at all and attendance is limited. See you there.


I registered and will drive from sac to the bay… please tell me who to bother about sf4 or any 2d fighter from capcom…thanks.

whats with the link???

How can I register do I need to drop my name with you S-kill???

a guest list? so does that mean that parking is guaranteed for anyone on the list?

There’s pay parking and also street parking…it’s south of market so it’s not so bad.

logged in!

Hi joe.

Will all registered guests get in? Or is it limited?

Hi jeff.

finally got in. It’s perfect because I’ll be going to club 6 that night too.

Because of room capacity, fire marshalls, etc., no one is guaranteed admittance, though pre-registrants get priority. I will say that we’ve had a BIG response to this, so it’s probably going to be hoppin.

If it’s totally full up before you get there, it’ll be one in, one out. That said, anyone who shows up close to 8PM should get in without trouble. Anyone that wants to play in the tournament should get there a little early–it starts at 8:30pm sharp!

Re: parking. I’m told there will be valet parking service for event guests. Given how many people will probably be there, I’d at least consider parking on your own.


Is the concourse center accessible by BART?

Yeah, you can take BART, but it’s about a 20 min walk after that. Exit Civic Center and then walk down 8th Street. The concourse is off Brannan, right after you pass the Overpass.

20 min walk? Was going to BART it down there as well…

Carpool Joe? :smiley:

Well it’s more like 15. haha

Where u live? I’m coming up 101 prolly.