Capcom on Shoryuken forums

Does Capcom read the forums to see what characters should be balanced?

I think Seth does at times. The comment he made about the community’s perception of Phoenix was spot on with the discussion on SRK, how it went from pre game release being “wow she sucks, no chance of being decent” to “wow she’s way too good” and then “well what the fuck now” (at the time, it’s gone back to the 2nd now). Of course, this could very well be acquired from Seth’s connections and friends within the community itself.

But even if Seth does listen to SRK and/or the community, we don’t know how much influence Seth has, and I doubt anyone else is. Ono and Nitt aren’t really english literate enough to understand everything.

Ultimately Capcom Japan makes the games on their terms. I’m pretty sure community input is not as widely received.

i hope not

There is no way modern Capcom fighting games can get even worse.

Unless they listen to these forums.

this this this

I’m sure they look here from time to time but I think their focus is on Capcom Unity posts.
Capcom Unity’s AE DRM outcry was what caused Capcom to decide on a post-release patch.