Capcom Fighting Jam

What two characters do you like to use in CFJ?

i use Ryu and Sakura. or Ryu and Demitri.

i dont play CFJ shrug

I use mainly demtri, kenji or M.bison. Either of thoose guys are my main team. I’m trying to learn hauzer, yun and ingrid.

Cause I want Ingrid to be my bitch. :badboy: :badboy: :badboy:

Same here. And after taking the time to download Chen’s video, it looks broken as hell. Maybe by CFJ3 it’ll be up to scratch.

Ryu and Chun-Li obviously, check my sig.

Ingrid has a damn good theme. Anyone know where I can download it?

Nah, but you could buy the soundtrack online for about ten bucks if you search Ebay. In the game, you only hear 1/2 of Ingrid’s “Heat Haze” song. On the soundtrack you hear the song in it’s entirety along with an instrumental.

Everything looks broken after jchen…

I use karin/mukuro

usually use ryu/chun guile/chun rose/chun or bison/chun

save the meter in the 1st round and use it with chun in the second, game kinda sucks though so not played it in ages

Zangief/Jedah/Ingrid/Karin/Guile back when I played alot (it got boring fast). Tried learning the Warzard bloc but I sucked at that.

Nobody does.

People play CFJ?

game sucks =P

I play it on PS2, it may be super bare bones, but fuck ITS STREET FIGHTER AND ITS OK!

what he said, the game is soooo 1995. nigga please.

I rarely play, but, when I do, I’ll use any combination of Ryu, Zangief, Chun, Alex, Demitri, and Anakaris. I guess Ryu/Alex is my most common team.

how do you like that Pyron character? he is very good. is he a SF charatcer or is he somebody new?

Even though noone plays this game, the finals of Kindevu and Otaku for CFJ were sick.

He’s an oldie, from the Darkstalkers/Vampire series.

Vid?! Details?!