Capcom Fighting Jam: Theories Galore

Yes, I saw the other CFJ thread. But that was more for letting people know about a trailer.

This thread is for discussing CFJ theories and inquiries.

I’ll start.

3S Chun and Yun, will they be able to parry?

Yun displays his super bar as having the ability to hold 2 levels. Does that mean you are stuck with SAII from 3S? Or will you be able to select a SA when when you pick them. Or, possibly, like Hugo in SVC, have access to them all, with a maximum stock of 2 supers. I think the latter will produce broken Genjei(sp?) combo’s, and probably be the least likely route Capcom chose. :confused:

Alpha characters, Guy and Sakura. I’m hoping, you can pick an “ism”, but I doubt it. I’m not saying V-Guy wasn’t good, I just though he was more enjoyable in A-ism. Well, thank god I didn’t see a guard bar. V-Sak eats those up like hot cakes.

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The Japanese magazine scans mention parrying and UOH’s. As for the SF3 super meter, they’ll most likely have all three arts as in 3S’s System Direction. I’m willing to bet Genei Jin will need both stocks.

Custom Combos will hopefully be more limited than CvS2. The Guy CC in the trailer had weird pauses between hits. Special moves will most likely not be cancellable into themselves, or else it’s shoshosho time all over again. No guard meter? 50+% chip is good enough for her.

Heh, I can’t wait to see that big dino hauzer used as a punching bag in every combo video that gonnna come out

whats CFJ???..

well those weird pauses are from Guy’s chaining ability. After watching the clips again it seems like they have cvs2 A-groove’s engine/A3 V-ism. It looks like u can’t cancel specials into themselves and the shadows don’t hit u, so it looks like CC’s won’t rule the game. The one thing i didn’t notice is how u can manuver in the game. I didn’t see any signs of super jumping, rolling, dash, run etc.

Well, it says 20 characters.

I’m assuming these characters, who appear in the background, won’t be any of the remaining 10 left to be revealed.

Sagat :frowning:
Dan Hibiki
Makoto (not sure on this one, looks like her sort of) :frowning:
Dee Jay

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Dont forget Lord Raptor, and J. Talbain.

And yeah that does look like Makoto… =(

Man no Cody and no Makoto…fucking gay.

Unless of course all these character for some reason are the ones being put in because they are in the background…for…some…random…reason.


I think the hidden characters might be Morrigan, Strider, Mega Man, Cody, Zero (Mega Man Zero at least), Jedah:D , Akuma, Hyo, Batsu, or even Luke, the fallen character from Capcom Fighting all stars {I wouldn’t be suprised if they added the other guy, making the trio complete again:bluu: }, or Ken.

Or maybe, just the boss character in the game??:confused:

I heard Karin was on the poster so she might be in it too.

what poster?

Ibuki also appears in the background, so I guess she isn’t one of the extras either.

Here’s to hoping ST Vega and/or Q will be one of the remaining 10.

D.D. Yeah, I want that to happen. I also want to see Ruby Heart. :frowning:

I don’t know,but this is what it says here on the front page of SRK…

Javi posted up a quick blurb about CFJ, and now we have some more info. Here’s the update - trag

It looks like Capcom plans to release another 2D fighting game, this time with characters from their previous games. It looks like there will be 2-char teams, and each character uses their super-meter from the game they were taken from. For example, Ryu and Guile use a modified ST meter, Sakura and Guy use the A3 V-Ism meter, Dimitri and Felicia use the DS meter, Chun-Li and Yun use the 3S meter, and Hauzer and Leo use the WZ meter.

According to the magazine article (linked below), the game will be released in the arcade, then follow on X-Box and PS2. Also, the press release states the game will be XBL compatible.

Apparently there will be about 20 characters. Karin is apparently in the game as well (she shows up on the poster), and Ingrid (from Capcom Fighting Allstars… which got canceled?).


N - Almost Rose, but not quite.

**Here’s my theory;

Capcom’s going to add characters from more of its fighting game franchises.

Why: Because they had Jin and Bloodia in Marvel vs. Capcom. There’s tons of characters they could nab from Cyber Bots and place them in this game. Heck, after Hauser, anything’s possible.

Rival Schools:
Why: Kyosuke was present in CvS2. He adapted to the six button system quite well. Like CB, there’s TONS of characters they can pull from universe and convert to 2D ala Kyosuke.

Star Gladiator:
Why:Same as Jin from Cyberbots, Hayato was also in the Marvel vs. Capcom games. There’s lots of cool characters in the Star Gladiator games. Could you imagine Blistien in 2D! :eek:

Capcom All Stars:
Why:Cause one of the characters is already in there. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that there’s going to be more repensentation from that game.

Street Fighter EX
Why:Same deal as Capcom all Stars, Rival Schools, and Star Gladiator. Capcom can easily convert two characters from SF:EX into 2D. Also, there’s plenty of awesome characters in EX that I’m dying to see in 2D (though I personally hated the game).

BTW, I think its gay that they put Chun Li in there as a repersentative of SF3. They should have put one of the characters that actually first appeared in SF3 like Ibuki, Alex, Elena, or Oro.**

He didn’t adapt well at all. Kyosuke is far and away the worst character in CvS2.

That’s not saying that Capcom can’t take a character from RS, and throw 'em into CFJ, but Kyosuke definitely isn’t proof of this ability.

About CCs, I don’t know. CCs + Sakura have always spelled trouble for every other character in the game (well, not A2, but you get the point). CCs always dominate whatever game they’re in. CvS2 was definitely a step in the right direction, and hopefully CFJ will show us that Capcom can implement the CC system without breaking the game.

i would’ve wanted Chun and Guile to rep’ SF2…:bluu:
The SF3 cast could’ve been better rep’ed…ie, Elena/Alex/Ibuki…

They HAVE to have Bison!:mad:

Methinks more surprises in the way…

Strider/Megaman? heh…dare to dream…:slight_smile:

No SFEX cause the characters are owned by Akira as much as I wish Kairi was in…

Well I’m sure they can find another fighter from Capcom to use characters from.

When they say 5 different fighting games, I think they only mean 5. They made no mention or left any hint on other fighting games.

Evo needed a new Capcom game to add to its lineup anyway.