Capcom Fighting All Stars!


Spelling mistakes, fake names and worthless comments… a surefire way to get a big company to make a business decision.

Let it go.


also 3 pictures is good work? what if the game sucked ass?

Your only option is to become an hero.

haha outcome looks promising

Game looks horrible. It should stay canceled.

That youtube link killed this thread.

Looks clunky like sfex but somehow even worse. Looks like they tried to hard to provide lifelike animations like it was some sort of 3d brawler game.

I don’t understand why battle fantasia seems to be the few 2.5D games that manages to use 3D models yet play and move and flow like a solid 2d style game.
I can’t see why that would be so hard.’s petitions accomplish slightly less than dick.



joke thread?

i’m sure capcom wouldn’t miss an opportunity to cash in on an arcade fighting game unless something was horribly wrong.

I was waiting for someone to bring this up.

Why the fuck it looks like SftM:VG in 3d…uck.

It’s crap. My friend played the beta at a Capcom convention.
I may even have some match videos of it, somewhere.

I would have used Rook all the way though.

this game is trash…

I remember when I got home from school one day and learned that this game had been cancelled. I fucking flipped out. I took down my CFAS desktop background, took the forums I had hosted (dedicated to the game) down, and seriously, seriously considered trying to overdose on whatever I could find in the medicine cabinet. The image of my own reflection holding a bottle of laxatives in a trembling hand will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Just kidding. I didn’t think anyone actually cared this one got canned. At least we still have EX3, right? And Fighting Jam? Right?


If I remember right, they cancelled this game TWICE, both times because it sucked and they knew it.

Let it stay dead. Petition for something more worthwhile from Capcom, which still probably won’t happen.


wow that video reminded me of final fight: revenge, which is pretty amazing. i didnt think games that crappy could even be made these days.

It takes extreme effort to make a shit game as hardcore as this.

Why would you want to play some shit like this?