Capcom fan art and more

Hey fellow gamers,

I, like most of you all, love to draw my favorite characters from comics, games, and cartoons. However, I do this for a living now. I go to many anime and comic conventions to teach and sell artwork. Also, I have met a lot of interesting people and icons to the comic and art community such as Mark Texiera, Jim Lee, Jo Chan, the UDON! crew… and much more that bring inspiration.

I have been a member of Shoryuken for a while but never really posted much. I have been reading and watching a lot of you though from the sidelines. There are some very talented people in this forum.

On that note, I would like to share my art work with all of you as well. Here is a link to my Deviant Art page where you can view some of my original work, fan art, and commissions that I have done:

Speaking of commissions, I do take them. I have done covers and art for conventions and some independant comics and games. I have also done art for arcade sticks. If you are interested at all, feel free to contact me through a note in Deviant Art or email me with the subject “commission” so I know it’s not spam mail.

Thanks everyone and if you have any comments you can leave them here or in Deviant Art.

-=Mad Magnus=-

Great stuff, well def get in touch with ya :wink:

Also do you have aim? pm me if you don’t mind ttyl!

nice stuff

I laughed so hard at the t-rex parry, the first thing I thought was “brilliant”

Nice work

As much as I don’t like the character, your Cloud (the one with cloud and ichigo) is absolutely stunning.