Capcom doing what NRS did w/ MK

Capcom is dumping copies of UMvC3 on amazon for $32.65. For 45.16 you can get the book and the Bradey Guide

You might want to note that the seller for it at that price is a dealer named Bestku, so it doesn’t have the option for Prime shipping saving or release date delivery.

I got Vanilla through bestsku(they were the first to sell it under $40 that I found). The day after I ordered it I got some books with amazon prime and bestsku’s free shipping got here faster that Primes free 2 day delivery. Of course this deal does not have free shipping or release date shipping like mentioned above. Bestsku is a good company for anyone weary about ordering from them.

No pre order costume. No dice.

mk9 was $30.00 a month after release, but it went back to being $59.99. umvc3 would have to be $20.00 in dec. to be similar. anyway, umvc3 has killed the fighting game renaissance, since i don’t think casual players will never buy another first release capcom game ever again. this was, single-handedly, the stupidest decision that they could have made. if they had released umvc3 in feb of 2012, it would’ve been better–not in the same month.

Dunno, I sometimes feels that the casuals who got turned off by this were just a very loud minority. I mean, most people really are unhappy about Ultimate coming so soon, but not enough to stop playing FGs.