Capcom announces Street Fighter Alpha 2 for PSN

My questions are: only on PSN? Why Alpha 2 and not Alpha 3?

Releasing Alpha 2 over Alpha 3 is fail imo.

Nice! Wonder how much it will be…$5.99 like Alpha 1?

edit: While I was looking for a price… seems like both 2 and 3 are coming eventually.

Shut up. Not because I think 2 is better than 3. But this debate comes up probably every other month and it never ends well.

So keep your opinion about the games to yourself.

Regardless this is pretty cool. Alpha 2 is mad fun.

Its going to be the PS1 version. Is that even any good?

Interesting, hope it comes with a trial though.

To put it simply: no. I think Alpha 3 > Alpha 2. Tough shit.

.0its the ps1 port which isnt arcade perfect so its useless. and alpha 2>alpha 3 lol.

Hmm… imo Capcom’s starting to flood it’s own market (upcoming MvC2, etc.)

ps1 version with loading time and no online play? FUCKING FAIL :tdown:

id pay if its the ps2 version with no load time and online play.

a2 and a3 suck. just a3 sucks less :wgrin:

also i think capcom is putting this up for random ppl to play because a2 is easier to get into that a3…

Alpha 2 is still one of the best SF’s ever made, this was a killer choice. Wait, edit… Just saw the ps1 version. God no, and wtf no online? why?

Capcom doesn’t give a shit about the Alpha games.

damn shame, actually having a decent version of this on PSN and XBL would have revived the series better than the ps2 release imo

what better way to kill KOF XII than to kill it with 10-year old games

Well they already releaseed alpha 1. Now they’ll release alpha 2, and then later on, they’ll release alpha 3, all of them in their ps1 versions so it can go over to the ps1 as well.

If they release Alpha 3, it could be the PSP Alpha 3 Upper Max version. But then again, PSP ports tend to be Ps2 games, which not all the PS3s can handle. So it’s probably going to be the PS1 version. If we’re lucky, the DC version. It would take too much effort (Or atleast what Capcom considers too much effort) to somehow get these games from their original CPS versions.

1: Any old games, unless specifically stated otherwise, WILL BE THE PS1 PORTS. Any Capcom fighter port without EX in the title is NOT arcade perfect.
2: Since it’s just the PS1 ver re-released on PSN, there is NO NETPLAY.
3: Since anyone who wants to play any of these games should already have SFAA on PS2(or other means of playing it), none of these re-releases are even worth having a thread on.

The point of PSN re-releasing old games is that they are re-releasing PS1 games. There will be no additions(or subtractions). Anything past that is wishful thinking and requires the company doing a re-release to make a better port(PF:HDR, ST:HDR).

Because you have to release part 2 before you can release part 3.

It only makes sense.