Canton Fight Club: Project Mayhem 9/15. Come spread some anarchy

Since Canton’s last thread was outdated and a lot of information has been changed, a lot of times. We’ve been through a rough patch, venues and nights that didn’t quite pan out; but thanks to the core group of guys sticking together and having a lot of new people show up and be contributors the Canton Fight Club has been able to grow. Some of the other guys are there more often than I am and they are putting a lot of effort into cultivating a strong scene that was built from the ground up by the people running so I wanted to do my part and revive an old thread to maybe bring my people a little well deserved attention. If you are in Ohio (or anywhere in the world and just felt like reading a thread from the Midwest Regional Forum…welcome) and wanna get in some games leave a message here:


+Weekly Game Nights:
- Where: The Auricle > Auricle’s Facebook
- When: Wednesday Nights > Venue opens with Happy Hour @ 8:30 - 9:00 Games usually get running around 9-9:15
- Games: SFxT (Getting a big swell in popularity as far as I can tell), AE, there are a couple of good UmvC3 players who are always looking for more people. I know others at the very least dabble in other shit.
- We usually get a a solid crowd, like 15-20 people after all the crew gets off work or done with classes or whatever.
- Got a really solid skill curve of people as well. We have some really strong players and others that are not so good whether they are new or don’t practice enough (OHH SHOTS FIRED […@ me])
- The Auricle kicks ass really. It’s a music venue so of course we get all set up on the stage, usually up to 8 set ups with room for more if anybody brings a set-up. Sick drink deals if you get there for happy hour
…and a really nice selection of beer

Contact Stuff

First Tournament- Project Mayhem - 9/15
+ More details in the tournament thread: [9/15/13] Canton Fight Club presents: Project Mayhem
+ More details and sign up information on the event’s facebook page:

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Nice update Exodus. So who’s coming to see us tomorrow night?</span></font>

I actually am going to be up there tomorrow. I finish up a test at 1 then I don’t have anything due for 2 week<span style=“font-family: ‘lucida grande’, ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, tahoma, sans-serif; line-height: 1.7em;”>s</span>

Party time ;]

Looking good! 

Who won SFxT last night?

Dave beat Kevin, 3-0 I think.  I entered and played it like AE and Tekken 3 when i used to use f f mp with Bryan to zone my friends out years ago and went 1-2


It’s Wednesday guys its time

I’m gonna end up watching the stream all night, so have some1 text me when you guys start it up

Hey guys! In order to make the world more aware of us and get our clubs name out there, I’m going to be streaming open lobbies of fighting games while at work to increase our viewership for Wednesday nights! I have a poll up on facebook, but if you don’t have a facebook account (come on guys… seriously?), you can add your vote for ssfiv, umvc3 or sfxtekken for Monday in here and I’ll add it to the tally.

Street Fighter x Tekken PSN open lobby streaming on
Look for twitchtvCFCLive!

I was all ready to get on yesterday… and I don’t have SFxT so no games for me. Maybe next time.

This is probably the dumbest meme I’ve seen yet. Keep this shit out of here.

Sorry buddy, internet issues arose yesterday. I can’t do much to fix that from work unless it’s just my pc.

shit happens son. I’m not worried about it, next time

You have the fightclub still going on? It would be awesome to go. I don’t use facebook, so if you could post some more information here? Like an exact address?

Yeah it’s still goin on tomorrow night. My bad I thought I linked the Auricle’s website too.

Here’s the address: 601 Cleveland Ave NW Canton, OH 44702. Gonna link the Auricle’s site in OP now too so thanks, man.

Cool. I got discouraged for a while because I had wanted to go to console combat, but they stopped.

We ain’t stopping no time soon :slight_smile: Come on down have a drink bring some friends and get down. We’re doing a couple of double elimination tourneys tonight. $2 buy in, SSIV:AE and UMvC3.

Maybe next week. Not on campus today and have a paper to write by friday. I should be down next week.