Can't unsubscribe/remove bookmark

I replied in a thread and I no longer wish to receive notifications from that thread. I went into my bookmarks and removed the star, and also verified the star is gone from the thread, but I still get notifications. I don’t want to remove all notifications, so how do I stop getting notifications from a single thread without 1) bombing out all of them and 2) creating an email filter?

In Notification Preferences I have “Notify me when people comment on discussions I’ve participated in.” unchecked on both places…maybe that will help.

I still want to receive notifications from OTHER threads I’ve commented in, but I wish to unsubscribe from a single thread.

The only other way is to bookmark those threads you commented on…


can i get a real answer please?

Seriously what’s up with the “support” on this board?

At least give me an answer, someone.

@MrWizard @Ponder @inkblot whoever lol

What thread?

i think the only way might be to delete your post in that thread.

That sucks. Something that can be remedied I hope?

seriously wtf kind of solution is this

lemme just go ahead and delete every post in every thread i commented in

Blame the vanilla software, and not us. They have no fix for the situation. You can go ask them on the forums on their site.

try this

Any update?

Another week

Still nothing?

@MrWizard have you tried the solutions I posted earlier?

have you tried restarting your computer?

gtfo with that shit

reinstall windows 98 se :wink: