Can't land the demon- lp usuallt hits.. Advice?

I’ve been maining Akuma in ss4ae online on the pc and I do pretty well but I can’t land the ultra or super demons when I’m trying to interrupt a normal or non-invincible move. The first light punch always seems to hit my opponent making it possible to escape. Can anyone please give me some advice on what I can do to prevent this?

Also, one other thing is driving me mad. I’m not comfortable using a fireball in my block strings/combos because I seem to randomly throw a DP instead and get punished. I’m using a gamepad and no matter how much I practice it, the smallest imperfection in my cancel causes a DP and I get punished. Any tips to help prevent this?

When you want to do your super or ultra 1 you have to do something called kara-cancelling. Kara means empty, its when you cancel out of the startup frames of an attack, I’m guessing that’s what you are trying to do. If you want to kara super it is meant to be difficult to not land the light punch. Instead, what people often do is forward+medium punch (akuma’s overhead) because of its long startup you can cancel out of it into your super. However this is difficult to do also without landing the attack.

To practice this go into training mode, (assuming your facing right) hold the :f: direction and push the training dummy all the way to the right. Keep holding :f: and press :mp:, now while still holding :f:, press :lp: twice then hold down the :d: direction (now you should be holding :df:) then press :lk: and :hp: at the same time.

DO NOT TRY DOING THIS FAST. Just do the motion. Don’t try and do it fast, keep practicing and as you get faster the super will come out. Sleep on it and the next day you will get closer. This takes practice.
Also look into double tapping, double tap the :lp: to get faster cancels.

As for your gamepad, you either need to GET comfortable by practicing until you get it right (like a combo) or use another input device. Anyone who has used a fightstick knows doing these motions when they first got their fightstick was uncomfortable, but after weeks of practice it becomes natural.

I’ll practice your suggestions, they make a lot of sense. thanks for the great advice!

I forgot to mention that when you’re ready, when you press f+MP, press f+MP+LP first as you double tap :lp: then of course do :df: and press :lk: + :hp:

Thanks, that did the trick! I still need practice but I can get the super out before the f+MP hits about 50% of the time.

I also made a lot of progress with the accidental dragon punches. If anyone else has this problem I found that I have a tendency to hold forward during combos and that seems to be the main problem. I started holding down+back and I can get the fireball out without issues.