Cant even pull out combos anymore

Hello Shoryuken!

First of all i want to say that i used to play sort of “decent” at least landing in combos and stuff (playing Zangief/Abel) but for the past week ive been REALLY struggling to get combos in. I cant even seem to pull off Ryu trial hard 1/2 as example

Now was wondering if any of you ever experienced a major downing in skill during a period of time or is it just me?

Maybe im playing wrong character and Zangief doesnt suit me.
Personally atm im on a standstill on what to play , as long as its not a fireball character im okay with it


And yes i do play SF4 every day, with a arcade stick. Which i still have problems with the shortcuts people are talking about (Abel’s AA comes out when i want to do CoD)

Best regards

I have had the same thing happen to me. Just seems to happen time to time… keep practicing and it will get better eventually.

I have the same issue. i dedicate at least and hour or so doing combos to work on my execution. i play bison, and now i can’t even land his 2x c. jab, c. lk -> lk scissors. but i can do 2x c. jab s. lk c. lk to scissors. im doubting my character now…

i am avoiding online play as much as possible.

i play a really really good el fuerte every week, also a seth and a balrog player and it just leads to frustration seeing scores like 23-0.

is it because when they’re not around i play ppl that are below my skill lvl?

^playing noobs shouldn’t affect your ability to combo. they’re great for practicing combos because you get so many chances to do them.

OP have you recently started working out or anything? developing strength in your hands will slow them down a little bit at first so that might be messing up your timing ever so slightly. it can definitely be enough to start missing some links until you work the speed back up, or at least compensate for the slowdown.

if that’s not the case, you might just need to give your hands a break, or you might need to just focus a little harder when you try and do the combos.

the first problem is solved by playing more, the second and third by taking a break for a few days.

Nope, only problems I’ve ever had with execution are in the first couple of weeks after not playing in months.

I’ve had it happen to me before and that’s very normal. Sometimes, your skills will just go to shit. If you just keep playing, you’ll eventually get past it. Just try not to let it get to you. I know it’s easier said than done but believe me, it helps. Just think of it as a hurdle you have to jump to proceed.

I would say that for every player, there is variance in skill and execution. On a good day, a decent player might be an 8/10, but at his worst, might fall to a 6/10. As you practice a TON and really ingrain it into your hands and mind, your variance will get smaller and trend toward the upper end.

With little experience, your variance is probably huge and somewhat in the lower end right now (say, anywhere from a 2/10 on a bad day to a 6/10 on a good day).

Some people just BARELY get the execution, then think they can move on. You need to make the Training Mode a daily stop pretty much. You don’t want to take one of your 6/10 days and think you’re set…you need to keep at it. If you have no idea why things aren’t coming out, you’re either doing the wrong inputs (input data is your friend!!!) or timing things wrong.

Give the game a break and come back to it. Whenever I play too much I start doing stupid things and patterning myself too much. Taking a break usually helps, or you could try playing through it, however it usually just infuriates me whenever I play and can’t link anything.

You’re thinking about it too much. When you’re focusing on not fucking up, you’ll tend to do exactly that which are trying to avoid. Example…don’t think of pink elephants. What was the first image in your head? In the same way, when you keep telling yourself to not fuck up, ad when you keel trying to think about every motion, frame and button, you’re overriding all the things your body knows how to do naturally. Don’t micromanage your reactions and musle memory…play a few games where you’re just freestyling, it will help.

It should be “Muscle” memory, though there are days were I can’t perform a combo I want but I would try something else and I will find something better.

Everyone goes through this phase where they get worse, its caused by trying too many different characters at once, you start to mix up bread and butter combos, mistake inputs, etc. You’ll be better once you are familiar with all characters.

This happens to me every once in a while, just take a break from the game and do something else. In addition to what m0ng00se said, being under any stress or being tired will also damper your gameplay abilities. Relax, and if need be, take a nap.

The interesting thing about your problem is that the combo you CAN do is no easier than the one you CAN’T do.

But there’s a big difference between these two combos: the one you ‘cant’ do doesnt give you charge time, and the one you can do does give you charge time. So if you walk right up to a dude and just start doing these combos, one will come out and the other won’t. Next time you’re in training mode, try doing the combo you ‘cant’ do by holding downcharge in front of the dummy before you hit that first jab.

I have days where my fingers and my stick just do not get along and it seems that the more I try to practice the worse it gets. To me these days the only thing that is going to happen is your frustration level is going to rise what I end up doing is just turning off the game and just thinking about what was going wrong and taking a few hours off to reflect on what happend. I know it’s weird but it works for me.

Example of this, it took me 2 weeks to do Geifs hard trial 2 (Dont judge me!) I just thought about what I was doing wrong one day before I turned on the game and boom one shot!

No, not everyone goes through this, and its not necessarily a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the characters. In fact I’d say its generally a waste of time.

Well actually i know a few chars but i havent been jumping that much. Ive more or less stuck to Zangief when it comes to matches.

Though ive been sort of stressed lately and stuff like that. makybe it will just fade with time

Otherwise i should just FADC from it :stuck_out_tongue:

this happens to me every once in awhile and i hate when it does …i use c.viper and she has some really difficult combos to pull off …one day i can fff with no problem and the next day i cant…its weird …i think its because im jumping around characters too much

I get the same problem, it’s gotten to the point I’ve found I’m better when playing in the morning in comparison to playing in the evening, I can pull combos off fine early in the day, but then the evening. Nah, I flop.

I also found that if I play a few days straight, my execution goes to hell. I put the game down for a day or so, go back to it, and everything returns to normal provided I go into practice and go “Right, Do this this this and this. Don’t worry about going straight in there for a combo, start back at the first couple of stages and work back.”

Also if your mind is elsewhere, you’ll have problems doing stuff because you’ll go on autopilot and that’s never a good thing.

Make sure your arcade stick is parallel to the TV, btw. Having a strange tilt toward the TV fucks me up good.

im only used to having the stick in my lap everytime i go to ctf i cant pull off combos cus the stick feels different even tho its the same shit