Can't believe I am 30 today

I will be honest, I still feel I would say 18-21

Not 30 by any means :party:

I remember when I played Final Fantasy VIII and there wa a secene where some kid calls Squall ‘‘mister’’ and Squall says, hey I am only 18 or something like that

I thought damn straight and then it hit me, I aint 18 anymore

happy birthday dude loool ^^

happy birthday old man.

:rofl: this guy said old man you know loool that aint nice 30 aint that old… is it:rofl:

Happy birthday

I’m 29 myself. I feel your pain. At least you don’t have a lot of school left. :razzy:

Happy birthday man! Oh and btw don’t worry 30 is the new 20!

You’re twenty years and a beard away from being a hobo! Happy birthday!

You can just tell everyone that you’re a 15-year-old Ryu and a 15-year-old Ken. :smile:

Someone gave me a card and it says, you’re 30

do you remember Bryan Adams ‘‘everything I do, I do it for you’’ being number 1 for 16 weeks
When they were only 4 channels on TV (in UK there was at one time)
The Hoff in Baywatch
When CD’s were the latest thing
and when mobile phone were the size of a brick

Maybe it’s time to start lying about your age ?

So true it is that card says the above, I do remember

Happy birthday good sir. I hope you do something awesome today to mark your 30 years of life.

As it’s monday and I am going to work tomorrow at 7AM and its 9.30m PM now anyway, I think I will just watch Fatal Fury the anime again that I bought from Viz back in 1995 on VHS

Happy Birthday. Just think about it this way… if you live to be 80 you still have 50 more years to go. thats like liviing your whole life over one more time, plus 2/3 of it again. Now it seems your’re too young.

Final Fantasy VIII was such a shitty game…I never liked that POS.

Happy Birthday!

I’ll be 30 in two months…

Happy birthday man. Remember, 30 is the new 20. Seriously, I know a lot of 30 year olds who continue to party and have a good time like its no big deal (because it isn’t). don’t turn into one of those douchebags who gets all depressed because their 20’s are done.

Happy Birthday man iam getting there 5 years from now and iam 30

Thank you

I will try to follow this advice as best as I can, anyway off to bed now for work tomorrow

yeah im 27 so i feel ya. i dont feel it either, Just keep on livin life to its fulleest and keep the talk about the “good ol days” to a minuium

Unlike you, the tits in that movie never get old!!! AAAAAH HAHAHHHA