Can't beat Ryu

Probably inviting abuse here, but what the hell.

I’ve been playing SF4 for only a little bit, and am finally starting to kinda-sorta figure out Sagat. I can’t do any of the advanced stuff yet (cancels, combos, FADC and all of the other leet mumbo-jumbo eludes me, I’m happy if I can get the dragon punch to come out when I want it to as opposed to “once out of every fifth attempt”).

I’ve never cleared arcade mode. On Easy. Because Ryu ruins my day every single time. HADOUKENHADOUKENHADOUKENHADOUKENHADOUKENSHORYUKENHADOUKENHADOUKENHADOUKEN. I inevitably lose the projectile war even with Sagat’s tiger shots (because well, after ten-fifteen fireballs I either screw up, or CPU throws the flaming fireball that eats the tiger shot and hits me). If I jump in, CPU catches me with srk, if I advance on the ground, it fireballs me to death, if I try to build distance it just chucks fireballs all day, anyway see about projectile war and how I lose it every time. Sooner or later CPU builds the meter and takes me out with an ultra combo. I played maybe 100 rounds at this point vs. Ryu and won perhaps a dozen, but never two in the same fight.

I watched videos, but they are player vs. player, nobody throws a constant stream of fireballs like the CPU does. What’s the magic bullet here? Advice appreciated.

He makes it clear that he’s a Sagat player and not Ken. Fucking retard Alan.

Except for that… I have nothing to grace this thread with as i am not into SF4. Typically i would have said something like “go play a better game”.
Hope things work out for you though !

Ryu does a good job neutralizing Sagat’s game play and he has air mix up with tatsu.

You just gotta play more and play the game better than the Ryu.
Note that Sagat has more health :wink:

as you play, keep your eyes on ryu…as soon as you see the fireball leave his hands, jump towards him and kick him in the face. Your jumps have to be in reaction to him throwing a fireball and not just random guesses.

You cannot lose a fireball war against ryu with sagat. Do your tigershots using the punch buttons so that you fire high tigershots. They come out faster and ryu wont be able to keep up.

Lastly, you have a flame fireball of your own that you can use. Do the tigershot motion and push two punch buttons together.

It takes a lot of work, seeing as you are just starting out. My advice would be to get into training mode and just get a hang of the basics first. Make sure you can do the basic move reliably.

God help me, I actually started to beat the bastard. Baby steps of course (still on easy) but the projectile war tip actually helped.

we all gotta start somewhere man. Keep at it… sagat is a pretty complex character to learn and get successful with, but if he appeals to you, then keep at it. So long as you’re having fun.

Yup. Aim for the hurt box of his hands as he extends and retracts while releasing the hadouken, he’s more vulnerable as he’s more closer to your jumping attack. I use Jumping MK because I think it has the most horizontal range. The next part is vital: YOU MUST PRESS MK AT THE APEX of the jump, any later in the jump and Ryu recovers. Because of this, there are only a handful of useful combos against hadouken. By the way, I jump on audio cue.

These anti-hadouken combos are ranked in terms of range:

Jumping MK. EX Tiger Uppercut (most range): You could reaction jump from under half screen.
Jumping MK. HP Tiger Uppercut
Jumping MK. Crouch MK xx Low Tiger Shot
*Use the EX Tiger Uppercut if you need the reach.
*In the corner you can use EX Tiger Shot to juggle into Ultra.
*I don’t think EX High Tiger Shot juggle into U2 mid screen works, because they are so far when the Jumping MK hits them.

There is a range where you can reaction EX Tiger Shot against Ryu’s hadouken for ONE hit, similar to how U2 Tiger Canon is used, but more importantly it gives you the knockdown so you can advance and go on the offence.