Can't Access Inbox Messages

Hey guys. Every time I try to access any messages in my mail inbox, I’m greated with the following:
Shoryuken - Error

A server error occurred. Please try again later.

It’s actually been like this for two days now and there is information inside one message in particular that is important. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


I just noticed this myself, though I’ve been getting the same error since last night if I try to view my watched threads.

To any admins reading this, could it just be a matter of rebuilding the db files for these sections?

I’m getting a similar message when I try to look at my watched threads and news feed.

Same! Trying to get somebody’s address to ship lol

I’ve been having the same problem. If you guys get email notifications when you get PMs, they show the PM in the email.

Yeah, Watched Threads gives me this error as well.

It also happens when you look at somebody’s profile in a new page. You can see their “quick profile” by clicking their avatar, but when if you view full profile, you get the error.

Yes we are having several problems this morning on the website.

We are looking into the situation.

Thanks for the update! :tup:

thx for letting us know Wiz, don’t suppose you have a ETA for those fixes, or are they just incoming??

This should be fixed!

I see that Stuart Hayden is still banned, is this one of the problems getting fixed? :love:

Everything looks good here! Thanks a ton!

Everything is a go on my end. Thanks very much for the quick action Mr. Wiz!