Candy cabs and studio equipment

everything sold.

wow @ srk not jumping on a blast city.

For something like this you’d probably get more interest if you posted some pictures.


Theres Rumors that we arent even gonna get our Tax Refund… the Economy is really bad right now…

why do you guys have to say that shit in my thread?

If we aren’t getting tax refunds, than I’m not paying federal taxes.

Oh, and pics plz.

What state are you located in sailorsaturn?

Im guessing california… just a guess.

lol ya im right by san francisco, and like i said, i will deliver within reason. which actually means i would be amenable to driving cabs down to socal for gas money. i will post a bunch of pics tomorrow, i didn’t have time today.

p.s. your tax refunds will not be withheld, btw. lol.

WTF, people did the same shit in my thread.

<3 LYLE and good luck with sale.

Cabs are dope.

pics please

sorry about not posting any pictures yet, i havent been home since friday morning. hopefully tomorrow morning i will be able to snap some pics.
also, ike, one of my buddies is really trying to buy a 3s board if youre interested in selling yours. thanks

are these by chance in norcal?

Yeah, without looking it up 94597 should be Walnut Creek/Concord area.

i might be interested in the cab. let me see some pics and i will let you know whats up.

Hmmm, let me think this over I might actually be down.

yo ike, i’ll talk to you tonight im sure, but do you really want the blast or were u just wishfully thinking out loud?

Hey, I’m interested in your Blast City, but I have a question first. Do you know if it will be able to support Naomi? I have a Naomi mobo and power supply, etc, etc. but I will need to hook up a GD-Rom to it as well. I can probably get a separate power supply for it.

Sorry to trouble you with my questions. Also, I’m not sure if you need the money right away, however. Also, are you willing to negotiate the price point of it? I understand if you are not. Thank you.

I am in San Bernardino.
I am very interested in both of these cabs.
Send me some pics and the condition on both plz.