Cancelling Tatsumaki into supers

I’ve just been testing a lot of stuff with Ken, now I can cancel his Tatsumaki into all his supers. So I figured I’d try some stuff with Akuma, hoping to pull off Tatsumaki cancelled into air SA1, but it doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this done. Am I missing something?

You can do air Tatsu into air SA3, I know that, Im not sure about SA1. Damage reduction…

I’m trying to get the ground Tatsumaki to cancel at the moment. I’m not too worried about damage reduction since I doubt I’ll ever be able to pull this off in a real world scenario. Just testing stuff for fun.

Anyway I’d swear I’ve seen ground Tatsumaki cancelled into an air SA1. It looks as though the game considers Akuma airborne during the kick. I don’t know, perhaps there’s a super jump in there?


Yeah, I’ve seen it alright. It’s right at the start of the KYSG video on Akuma. He hits dudley with Tatsumaki and goes straight into air SA1. It’s a cancel alright, because the Tatsumaki is barely visible. It looks as though the timing might not be humanly feasible though :frowning:

Be real quick…thats it.

I wouldnt’ try to take away much from KYSGs video’s but then again you said your just messing around, oh and btw he uses a programmable stick.

It’s the same thing as Ken cMKxxHKtatsuxxShyppu, just cancel it real quick and u get your SA1/air SA1 out of the first hit of tatsumaki. Be sure to use MK or HK tatsumaki cuz LK wont work here.

coolest cancel. ground hurricane kick… i think medium into air sa1. it looks so badass

Ah! I’ve been trying with LK. I’ll give MK and HK a shot. Nice one Leva. Thanks all!

Not sure if i’ve seen it done without a programable controller, so don’t strain yourself too much.

if you cancel really fast, the ground version of Messatsu Gou Hadou comes out. the timing to get the air version is a little trickier. not that you cancel slowly, 'cuz it’s still one of the faster cancels in the game, but you can’t mash into it :lol:.


Yeah, I still can’t do this, ground or otherwise. I gave up :slight_smile: Help much appreciated though. Thanks all.

I’ve done some jumping Tats into air SA1s but most of it was either lucky or something of the sort. Though it does look very cool :X

Jumping hurricane into a super is easy - no mashing required.
Ground version is harder - but whats the point in doing it? Damage reduction is just silly, and you might as well finish off the combo with a strong dragon after the forward hurricane- builds meter and more stun.

OK I know this’ll sound strange, but even though I know MK Tatsumaki juggles, I’ve never used it :stuck_out_tongue:

In other words…stop trying to learn crap off of combo videos that’s just for flash and won’t help you in a real fight. :lol: A lot of KYSG’s vids are just show off vids. He has some stuff here and there that is useful in a real fight. A lot of it though is just him showing off high he can bring up the combo counter. :razzy:

You can’t tell what’s going to be useful until you give things a try, unfortunately.

As it turns out, the difficulty of this cancel alone makes it worthless in a match, before we even get to damage reduction or stun potential. But, you live and learn :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen anyone do much of the stuff KYSG does in his vids in an actual fight. Mainly cuz a lot of it requires the opponent to be stunned and in/near the corner. Plus godly execution that is just too crazy to not mess up on in a heated battle. I’ve seen him play characters like Alex in actual matches and he never gets a chance to do any of those 10+hit stun combos with Alex. :lol:

The only combo that I use from KYSG’s vid is using the air hurricane to start juggling a Hugo, Urien or Q who is on the ground, then another air hurricane. Looks very kool and makes the opponent think they’re being toyed with. Also useful because the first hurricane hits very early when a lot of people dont expect it.