Canceling normals question

Can they cancel on whiff here in the sf4 series? I’m not talking kara, I’m talking actually cancelling the normal while it is visibly out and in active frames.

I do not own sf4 anything so I cannot test it right now.

No they can’t. The only normal I believe that can is C.Viper’s far fierce.

Nope, no move can cancel on whiff. Although demon can I think anytime cancel.

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this concept is like. the worst thing EVER in MVC3.

No, you cannot. In fact, certain option-selects operate on this very principle. For example, you can do the motion for Ryu’s cr.forward xx fireball at mid range, whiff it all day long, and you won’t get a fireball. However when Ryu does land the cr.forward, either on hit or on block, then the fireball will come out.

guy can do it with his overhead

Akuma can cancel normal into ultra.

Honda too