Cancel into super

Hi guys, been playing SF series but i find it extremely hard to do combos into super, eg.

Ryu - jump H.kick, Crouch M.kick followed by shinku hadoken.
is there any guide on this? i went throw some of the threads that i find might be relatiing to this but couldnt find any.

Anything to do with frames? or is there shortcut of anyshort to do this like holding on to particalar button n releasing?

im able to do hadoken cancel into super on SF 3rd strike though…

This has been covered in the Ryu thread multiple times…

Ryu Thread.

thanks! will try when i get home tonight!

hit me up on xbl i can help you.

xbl tag: Mad Grab


Once you get the timing down its not too hard. Here is a vid I made with a few examples of what can be done with a little practice. Just hit training mode for about an hour and you’ll be landing these combos on peeps in no time!

Nice vids Steve

I know - that last one is scary. Mainly because when I play Vega I have a tendancy to try and slide under jumping roundhouses and get crossed up…

Hopefully Gief’s massive hitbox means some of those won’t work on Vega…

Well, if I remove the strong link to foward kick and just use forward it connects everyone for 9 hits which removes 90% anyway so yea you don’t ever wanna be caught crouching with a cross-up. :nono:

Hey man I just watched your vid too and it’s top notch.

However, I hope you don’t mind a TINY bit of criticism, but I think it’d definitely help the newer players/less experienced a lot more if you posted instructions or explanations on how to do those combos you did. Unless it wasn’t really meant to be a “how to” video, than by all means ignore me. :coffee: