Canada @ EVO 2k12

I know it’s still really early in the year, but I’ve been talking with a couple of the locals in niagara, and we’re going, and I figured I’d start a thread to get people talking about it, planning etc.

The EVO discount is up (

$159 average room rate, the general rule is plan to spend $1000 in total between room, travel, EVO, and general tomfoolery. It’s Vegas, shit can get wild.

Use this thread to get planning! To kick things off, there are currently 3 of us going from Niagara, so odd-numbered groups or solo people post up and we can start talking about filling that last spot.

I know I’m going and hopefully Halifax people are coming with me, we already kinda talking about it in the maritimes thread, but lets get that headcount!

Superbeard checking in! (Get it? Because we’re talking about hotels.)

I plan to go, started saving money a while back for it. I was also planning to go to CEO as well but all I know is EVO is a must this year.

I was salty to miss it last year, this year Im def going back.

Smokey, we gonna meet up for breakfast at hash house again :smiley:

I’m there. Booked hotel last night.

Damn I miss that place lolol

RXS, whats your plan, where you staying?
Smokey, everyone has to eat there, its too gdlk

Vince and our crew are staying at Caesar’s Wednesday-Monday (4th-9th).

Wife says I can’t afford it this year, have fun!

I’m planning to go this year with my cousin hopefully if everything goes right. Does anyone know if you have to be 21 to book a hotel at the Caesers Palace?

Raynex: I don’t know if you post on here much but I heard you were looking for a spot for travelling etc. and it looks like our potential 4th is dipping out so if you still want the spot with our group you’re good to go.

Time to convince my parents! Kihihihihi.

Anyone know of any cheap flights around that time?

your dad isnt going to drive/fly you to the adult playground of America.


Have fun, guys. I won’t be going but Winnipeg should be decently represented too. Doubt we’ll get 17 like last year but there should be a contingent.

FUCK no Killa B Mike. how is this happening! Please tell me atleast Regina is gonna show.

Bernard and I are planning on going this year and we need two more people to fill up the room, any takers? :smiley: