Can you use any USB controller with the PS4?

Reddit says no,

But in this SF5 videoof SCR 2015, at 12:59

It seems, Snakeeyes is using the Madcatz S.D. pad, that was released during SFxTekken.

Can you use any USB controller or only licensed PS4 peripherals ?

Pretty sure Snake used a pad converter.
That shit is a hassle though, everyone I see using those has to sync up their controllers in between matches all the time.

In general for normal PS4 console functions, Reddit is correct the Answer is NO.
Only licensed PS4 peripherals only.

Now their is one marked exception, Sony does allow game designers to toss in custom drivers to allow for PC and 3rd party PS3 USB peripherals.
When it comes to fighting games on the PS4, Skull Girls, Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat X can use 3rd party PS3 game pads, fight pads and sticks including the Cerberus, Cthulhu and PS30+.
Now the PS3 controller can only control your character in game and none of the PS4’s system menu or PS4 functions. The Sony Six Axis and Dual Shock 3 bu rule of Sony had to be left out.

thanks for the replies

do you guys know if the USB sega saturn pad is accepted by USFIV on the PS4 ?

cuz if it is, then that just points to them most likely letting it be accessible on SF5.

there were 2 on ebay for under $100, but there’s only 2 that are over $200.

hopefully the madcatz gamepad is gonna be decent.

I Do not know, its possible but unlikely.

We don’t know that yet. So far PS3 controllers don’t work with the Beta.

I modded that pad at TFC. Its dual modded with a cut down cerberus which can play on ps4 in two different ways. Either in ps3 legacy mode if the game permits it (like MKX) or as a ps4 controller, but times out after 8min due to security protocols on the system.

bummer on the time out,

Is it possible to replace a USB saturn pad, with parts from a normal sega saturn pad.

like buy a new normal sega saturn pad, replace a beat up USB pad’s parts, except the circuit board, and basically renew the controller ?

If the ps4 guilt gear xrd pad was easier to obtain I could of modded the sfxt fightpad with that so it wouldn’t of had the timeout.

You should be able to swap out the rubber pads and stuff. Not
100% on that, but I would assume they would of built the pad similar to the saturn version.

Isn’t that like throwing ~$100 down the drain?

Aren’t ( AUTHENTIC ) USB Saturn Pads hella rare-spensive???

If he means the cheap-o Saturn pads on eBay, they most likely aren’t 100% authentic moulds.
IIRC, my 2006/7 repro USB pad had different trigger switches than authentic Sega Saturn pads’.

Yes there is ALOT of knock off USB saturn pads on eBay.
So much though that I don’t shop on eBay any more for authentic USB Saturn pads
They an okay source of replacement parts for Saturn pads.

Man, the Sega Saturn pad really is the best it seems. I still have mine from when SSF4 came out and it works fine… really wish PS4 would allow it to work, or some company would make an exact replica for current-gen consoles.

Well, you can get the PS2 version, there are Brook adapters for PS2 to PS4/XBox One. I have like 3 Sega Playstation controllers and use them for KI and GG Xrd.

The PS2 version costs more than the authentic USB version

Is there any difference between the original, ps2, and usb versions mechanically wise?

Just asking because a mc cthulhu can be cut down to fit inside the pad. Which would be able to offer all 3 of those systems into the one pad.

PS2 version has Start and Select in the trademark PlayStation shapes
But thats it.

Should be getting my Kade Mini Colsole+ any time now, will test if a Saturn Saturn pad in PC mode will work on PS4’s Lab Zero Driver supported games then: USF4, MKX, Skull Girls

Every USB Saturn pad works fine with USF4.
Also genuine Saturn pads and PS2 Saturn pads via Mayflash converter work flawlessly (I use a PS2 Darkstalkers pad).

Or you guys can just get a Brook PS2 to PS4 adapter, it works with every game, not just those with the Lab Zero drivers. If you want to use a saturn pad, daisy chain it with another adapter, that’s what I do to use my Snes pad.