Can you play DS games on the Wii?

I was wondering if anybody out there know if you can play DS games on the Wii? I hope they do because I have a ton of DS games I would like to play on the Wii. Please give me any information you can. Thanks.:tup: is your friend unlike the people in this forum.

Are you sure they are going to have information about the Wii and the DS? Is there anybody else that can help me out? If you know anything else, let me know.:tup: Thanks.

the number of DS games that you can play on your wii is equal to the number of attendees of your tourny, 0.

No, you cannot play DS games on the Wii.

Do you know if they are making something that you can play your DS games on? If you know anything, let me know. Thanks.:tup:

BTW, I least I had a few people at my tourney dumbass Monte. Unlike any games for the DS to play on the Wii. Kiss my ass.

No, Nintendo themselves has not made any announcements to play DS games on the Wii. Homebrew on the other hand might, but I’ve heard no such news regarding the situation.


I doubt it will ever happen as an official ‘Nintendo’ thing. It would only hurt the DS sales, which are doing good at this point. As far as homebrew goes, maybe in the distant future? There isn’t even a fully working DS emulator for the PC yet.

yeah, probably not gonna happen

Uh… kind of a silly question to start a thread about, and of course the answer is NO you can’t. The main problem being that DS games use two screens one of which being a touch screen. That simply cannot be emulated on a single tv screen. I guess if you had the top ds screen displayed on the tv and still controlled the games with a DS for the touch screen it could work, but not very well for some games like Prof. Layton etc… Really it wouldn’t be that fun.

actually, there IS a full speed DS emulator on the PC called no$gba. I can see one coming to the wii (unofficially) sometime.

What?? Never heard anything about it…

Its kind of hard this might happen, because of the 2 screens the DS has.

Very, very unlikely.

you can dl demos of ds games to your ds from your wii…but you can’t play them on your wii.

Stuipid question, good idea!

Nope, but something like that Gamecube to Gameboy add-on might be interesting.

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