Can you not buffer parries during super-freeze?

I noticed that parrying moves with tons of hits isn’t that hard, but I can’t seem to start parrying supers that hit near-instantly after the super-freeze. (Makoto’s SA1, Chun’s SA2, Dudley’s SA1, most supers in the game really) I get the impression that you only have the small window between the super freeze and the first hit, cuz I can block the first hit or two, red parry and then parry the rest of the move just fine.

What about buffering the parry before the super freeze? Like say your parry window is 10 frames, the super you’re trying to parry is 1+3 frames. Will you still get the parry of the first hit if you input forward then neutral within six frames before the super starts?

yes. you can parry before the flash in a number of cases and in such a situation just wait for the parry to happen and then continue.

You can’t buffer parries once the freeze is active. Like you can’t tap forward while the screen is dark and expect a parry to come out. You can definitely parry before or after the freeze though. You can definitely wait till after the freeze to parry Chun Li’s SA2 but the timing is REALLY tight. People have said you can do it for one frame supers like Dudley’s SA1 or 3 but I’ve never been able to do it myself.

You can’t parry after the freeze if super is a 1 frame startup, like Dud SA1/3, Ken SA1, ShinShoryu, Chun SA1, etc…
Every SA with a startup >= 2 frames can be parry, Chun SA2, Ken SA3, etc…

I get the sense that it’s actually impossible to parry certain supers after the freeze because they come out on the first frame? You have to parry before the freeze. No inputs will be registered during the freeze, from what I understand (certainly parry inputs are ignored… maybe you can counter-super against some slow ones).

Can an amazing player or a tool-assisted program parry Ken’s SA3 after the freeze without any parrying before?

I believe you can input the parry during the first 4 frames of the freeze, but I could be mistaken. You should time the parry literally right as the freeze starts to successfully parry a super.

“Every SA with a startup >= 2 frames can be parry, Chun SA2, Ken SA3, etc…”