Can you get banned in psn ssf4?

Since half an hour ago I have been trying to log into the psn through the network channel in ssf4, and it always gives me this message: "Lost connection to the playstation network. You will be returned to the main menu."
The thing is that I can connect to the psn through the regular ps3 main menu, and also tried an online match of mk2 without problems. The problem is exclusively for ssf4. Now my question is : Have I gotten banned? Or is this normal since psn is free and they do some kind of maintenance every once in a while. Yesterday I played a rude player that taunted me in a match, I raped him, then I sent him a message talking shit to him. Thats why I think he may have told someone from the psn and I got banned somehow for use of offensive language or something.
Anyone know anything about this?

I really doubt it but I am getting the same exact message for SSFIV. I was playing the entire day and nothing wrong until this started happening an hour ago.

Same here. I’m logged into the PSN and can’t connect to Network Battle

Confirmed that my Japanese and Hong Kong account works, my Canadian PSN doesn’t connect.

After 15 minutes, I decided to put my PS3 on wireless and my account works…not sure if the problem was gone by then but it’s working for me now.

Im having this same problem, i can not log on either wireless or wired. I keep getting a message saying ive been disconnected from playstation network even though im still logged in. It seems like there was a series of events leading up to this happening, first i could find green connection matches that would immediatly go to red after one match, then i could only find red connection matches, then i couldnt find any matches, now i cant even go to network battle without seeing that message. This is really starting to piss me off because i finally have time off to play SF and cant even get one match in.

I have issues when I first start my ps3. When I join the game it will either take forever to connect to my psn account or it will disconnect me after I first connect to network battle while I’m setting up a lobby. Is this normal?

dude this is happenign to me too… i used the menu button to quit on char select screen cause the guy was letting timer go down all the way… didnt feel like playing him after that

now i keep getting lost connection error, but i am still connected to ps network…

I just started getting the same problem. I’ve had some lag occasionally but its worked consistently since day 1, now suddenly it won’t let me enter network battle. Yet I can still view worldwide replays so I know it’s not my network.

I had this issue yesterday as well - couldn’t get into ‘Network Battle’ on my own - however if someone invited me to a an Endless, or Team match, I was able to get in and play fine.

PSN is currently down for maintenance, that probably plays a large part in the issues that you are experiencing.