Can you break out of combos?

I recently got the game, Its not my first time playing it tho, my friend has it and I used to play at his house a lot.
well I thought I was a decent fighter, until I got into the online mode…

its crazy, now i see why everyone says this game is extremely imbalanced, the game is pretty much just “first guy who hits win”. isnt there a way to break out of combos? and no Im not talking about AG im talking about breaking once they started.

please dont even bother saying “DONT GET HIT HURRRRRR” thats as stupid as saying “if you dont want to get killed in a war, then dont let the enemy shoot you!”


Seriously, don’t get hit.



the game should be about skills, not a COD-like fighter.

ok then are there ways to prevent getting combo’d? other than advancing guard?

why does this link say balrog lol


if you don’t like the high damage, Marvel probably isn’t for you. it’s a defining feature of the game.

Blocking is a helluva defense

The game is about abusing the most broken stuff in the game that you can.
It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Marvel 2 was the same, except it was less X-factor and most of the cast was not competitive at high level.
Marvel 3 is cheap enough that you can build a team around anyone (even Phoenix Wright) and manage to win.

Blocking correctly is a skill too.

If you don’t want to get killed in a war, then don’t go into the battlezone of a war.

There are “get off me” assists that if you activate before getting hit, have the ability to disrupt the opponent’s combo.

Otherwise, learning to block properly will get you far.

Block, anticipate, make sure your first attack is going to start a combo of your own. This game is like a Hong Kong action flick… it’s about the dance. Just get your execution tight and don’t drop your combos. If you need to, keep a good spammable assist in there that will keep your opponent back (i.e. Doom Plasma Beam, etc.) to keep rushdown players at bay.

Practice practice practice. This game is about flash, if you get combo’d, keep your eye out for a drop… or just wait your turn!

If you don’t want to get killed in a war, kill the enemy first.

Or render their guns ineffective.

Or fight from a range they can’t.

You need this thread:

Judges how good a game is by online mode + " I dont wanna hear the obvious answer" - skill = Scrub… oh look you fit the formula. Seriously learn to block or have fun going 0/2 if you ever go to tourneys.

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I totally see how new players to the game can get way intimidated by people who master basic BnB’s… they don’t understand the “Dance” yet. Cut the guy some slack.

UMVC3 is all about abusing top tier characters, unblockable moves, X-factoring yourself to victorys/infinites, and shit ton of teabagging.
“If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”

I’d pick a game that isn’t like that, like SSF4, which is probably better anyway.

Essentially you don’t get killed in combos by…(and I know it sounds like I’m being a smartass) learning to play.

That is literally the only way you won’t get destroyed in this game.

As far as online play goes, well… if you want skill to mean something, then just don’t bother with it. Quite frankly this isn’t the kind of game where even a hint of lag is just “ok,” and online Marvel is, in my experience, always laggy to some degree. Certainly enough to toss the concept of “skill” out of the window. The only consistent thing online is spamming (and I do mean spamming, not zoning, even zoning tends to fail against all out spamming). I’ve even managed to beat the likes of Dios X online. A feat which I assure you, offline, would probably never actually happen.

There are some people who are literally two different players online and offline. Myself included. I’ve racked up almost 160 hours of offline play, but if you play against my 6 hours of online play you’d probably very well think I had only had the game for a couple of days at best. Unless I’m trolling, in which case I can spam like no other lol.

So just practice, get better, learn the game, and make sure that you can hold your own offline. It’s cool to hop online just to dick around, but the moment you begin trying to use online gameplay as a measurement of well… pretty much anything, you’re going to either wind up hating Marvel or having a severely skewed sense of “how” to actually play.

If you’re in an area that has a “scene” for Marvel or are able to travel to an area that does, then do that. Hell, even get a couple of local friends into the game to play against. Don’t worry about online prowess unless you absolutely have to, because no matter how good you get at it you’ll always be one poorly-timed lag spike away from getting destroyed.

Furthermore, being able to mash out of combos is just about the most skill-less concept that could possibly be implemented into a fighting game, so someone concerned with skill shouldn’t be wishing for such silliness.

As far as skill goes, blocking, and not getting hit, is easily the most important skill in this game.

If it’s casuals and I’m clearly going to lose no matter what and I know my opponent as a friend…

I’ll pause rapidly so long as he/she combos me.

You can only break out of combos if you use hidden missiles as an assist.