Can you block people from joining your match?

when someone beats me, i’m always up for another game, but when i lose to cheap tactics, then i don’t enjoy playing that person and would prefer not to play them again.

the probelm is that when i create a new game, that cheap player just joins my match again and i have to kick them out. then they usually join over and over again and I have to keep kicking them out again. Is there ne way you can block them permanentnly from joining my matches?

thx in advance.

nope, just keep kicking until they give up… They’re wasting just as much time by trying to continually join.

yeah quit being a piece of shit and just play the fucking game… cheap tactics… what is this 1995? tic throws bother you? learn how to play… stop complaining.

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You can call up Capcom Technical Support along with PSN/XBOX Live Technical Support. You tell them your account and what account(s) to block. It’s really fast and easy. Probably 4 minutes to call up both.

Just thinking of someone calling Capcom and telling them that some guy on XBL is being cheap in Street Fighter IV is hilarious. It reminds me of the old call of someone calling Valve Support because he couldn’t kill people in Counter Strike.

ok thanks for the 1 serious reply

.lyric, you got issues. i think you need to lay off the computer

I’m sorry, did i just step through a random interdimensional portal and land in an alternate reality where the majority of the players are looking to refine their technique for offline play instead of basing everything around lag to WIN TEH INTERNETS?

Because that’d be cool.

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