Can we prove it all right or wrong?

I have yet to see someone post up vids of findings, We need to see this stuff so people can learn how to do it. I mean we do not have to tell them but to show them would be much better.

Frank can OTG zombie cart after a 2c.

Tekkaman Balde can pinwheel after 2c also.

The vid is being uploaded, I did not go into it much because I have only had 3 hours with the game and have not unlocked all the people or even really gotten to know the new system.(This new launch menachinac is bad I mean really bad) I did not like the game at first but now I am starting to come around.

Karas stuff could use a vid with someone on stick so we can hear the presses.

Casshern does not have restand but does have OTG. Same with Zero. There will be other things but I have not really looked back on the threads to find out what was said and what need to be proven or not proven.

Really without the Japs we are going to be lost for a while but we will get it. Delay those hits people and learn new stuff.

Patience is a virtue.


I just wanted to help out you all. I will leave it be now.

Looks excellent :slight_smile:

Hopefully we will get some more in a couple days. I am going to grind it out once it comes and post up some stuff on Frank and Yatterman 2.


That frank link looks hard as hell. It also seems it needs to be done as close to the side of the screen as possible for it to work. But good stuff.

Frank j.C a b 2C cart a b launch j.a j.b j.2C baroque a b 2C bat megablaster is 24 billion.

I don’t think you really should go for the cart after j.2C, EVER. It’s just much too hard to set up for Frank.

Look all I am trying to do is bring to light all the things that have been talked about, and some of them have been said to be out of the game by people who do not know what they are talking about. If I can give it to the community, they will find a way to use it.

I will always do things that are not really easy. That is what will make me better. If I can do these, then that means that the simple zero stuff you guys are posting I have already found. I need to keep it pushing.

What to do next??? Ryu 100% combos with VAR. More of my “THEORY FIGHTER” on the way.

Squirrel why are you trolling my vids? You need my attention that bad? He is a dachshund and we call him Tech N9ne.

I had recording equipment until recently, but its currently on the fritz so I can’t put anything up. If I can get it going though I’ll post up all the Souki stuff I’ve been finding.

I ain’t trolling nobody D: I just said that from the looks of things, that combo looked damn hard!

Hey good shit man, I really didn’t think OTG cart off of j.2C would work. Seems a little tight on spacing for a real match, good shit tho posting up the vids.

I plan on putting a bunch of new stuff up this coming Sunday. I’m also going to try and capture most of the Naptown Challenge TvC tourney this weekend, so there should be plenty of juice on the way.

Baby!! 9lbs 3ounces, 1:50 am January 27th!! He waited until the next day!! :slight_smile:

Cameron Walter Horton.

Home up!!

Congrats dude!

oh shit, I’m going to be playing there, this will be embarrasing.