Can we get an "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers" forum?

HD Remix had one, so it should make sense that this new incarnation of the series should get one as well.

Probably not, stick it in the other fighting games thread. Right now it has no real competitive presence to speak of. This is probably the best you’re gonna get.

Maybe. I’ll give it a thought when I’m back from some serious family stuff.

Would be nice to have a dedicated space for character and matchup threads. With over 450,000 copies sold that’s a lot of potential traffic that could lead back to this site.

^-- no really :sad:

Gimme a week or two before pinging on this. I’ll want to take a look at things that are hard to do right now.

Yeah, especially related to the new characters. I love reading matchup threads, I want to see what people are saying about Chun VS V.Ken especially, I’m struggling with that one a lot.