Can we get a Dee Jay Q&A thread? I have a few questions too

Most of the characters have a Q&A thread, Dee Jay should have one too.

  1. Is there a point to his Knee Shot? I haven’t really found a use for it yet.

  2. Dee Jay doesn’t have an overhead does he? =[

  1. the knee shot alters the dee jays jump and could confuse people if hes going to cross them up. Say you have somebody in dee jays vortex, you need to keep making changes on how you jump the knee shot is one of those options. You should mainly use it for the vortex to keep them guessing

  2. not that i know of

The beginner’s thread could be used for Q&A but this is better. Maybe add a FAQ section too.

I agree with Mitch on 1

  1. i guess an instant knee shot is supposed to be his overhead.

I’ll see what I can do about getting this sticked.

How would you do an instant knee shot?

think of the tiger knee motion for other haracters like sim. As soon as u leave the air immediatley press down and light kick, but im not sure if this works

Dee Jay has no overhead. Knee shot doesn’t work as an “overhead” since if you do it instantly it will whiff on crouching opponents. If you time it to come out later it acts just like an other jumping attack where it will hit crouched opponents but they will never remain crouching long enough for you to hit them.

Knee shot is a massive pressure tool. There is a knee shot thread which has decent info. Basically it helps you get in on opponents, bait them, combo off, fake a cross up. If you are mixing it up well, it’s hard to dp. It’s the only thing that keeps Dee Jay interesting imo. I use them like dive kicks and also mix them up with cross up and as a follow up to meaty maxouts.

sorry for post if its wrong place but i need some answer

i have problem with escape from throws , any uppercut moves and good anti air normal when i try to jump on opponent and attack him

plus i always when i jump attack i press medium kick is this bad idea? or is there a timing on jump attack? i want to force my opponent to block and give him no chance to hit me or catch me (throw)

and how do you know if he is going to throw?

Most of what your asking doesn’t really relate to Dee Jay. You need to visit the Newbie forum as your question is asked and answered all over that forum Newbie Saikyo Dojo

I will give you a brief answer to help you out.

  1. Throws must be “teched”. Throw techs are done by pressing throw within 10 frames of being thrown. You can also use a “crouch tech” which is the same principle, done while crouching. Cr. tech gives you the benefit of being an “option select”. The options involved are block, cr.lp, or throw tech. Do a search in the forum I linked for more info on “cr. tech”

  2. Learn to jump in at the right time/stop relying on jump ins. See the video thread and look at all successful jump ins and take note. Use “cross ups” which are much harder to counter. Use knee shots to get in which are more harder to react to.

  3. is a good idea. Use it for cross ups and fake cross ups. Try and hit the opponent deep so you continue the block string/combo.

  4. I would start by attempting a cr. tech anytime the opponent is in range of a throw. The command is :db:+:lp:+:lk: The timing is fractionally after opponent throws out a move and you can repeat this command to coincide with every attack of a block string. At a very basic level, you will block any attack of the block string and tech the throw if he attempts to throw you instead of continuing block string OR you will any walk up attempt.

What combo should I use as DJ’s BnB?

Jump in, c.lp , lk dread or jump in, c.lp , mgu?

Use the mgu if you can and the dreads if you’re too far away. lk dread only if you really want that knockdown. Some characters you want far away from you so knocking them down is rather pointless and the 20 dmg is useful.

Dmg between mashed mgu is 168 vs 80/100/120 for dread kicks which is pretty large.

Ideally you wanna do jump-in,, xx hp mgu (mash) but not everybody has the execution for that and it’s space dependent (gotta jump-in deep).

wow what a great guide canton thanx so much

im going to that section and read more


Thanks man, I’ve started using this. It loses less to reversal spam online, which brings me to my next point:

I do play offline a lot, and i know it’s not as bad offline as it is online, but, does DJ autolose to reversal spam?

I’ve been trying to learn him the last few days, and occasionally i’ve had flashes of brilliance with him, but the crossup/vortex game which is integral to his play is kind of hard to carry out with the spam.

Has DJ got any safe jumps, or should you not bother against reversal happy opponents?

I’m having real problems with my zoning, and anti-air (when i don’t have charge). I know playing online will screw you over w/ timing but I’ll usually throw a jab max out and get the reaction I want… but for some reason, I will eat the jump in. My spacing is correct from what I see.

J. HP works sometime, but I don’t like that, because sometimes I’ll land right next to my opponent and put myself in a position to either tech a throw or eat a DP.

C. HP works sometime when the opponent is far away. I feel the timing on S. HP is too disadvantageous online, and C. MP has a weird timing/spacing I can’t nail.

Can anybody help or post some vids that explain?

there’s enough charge time for you to get cl mk , cr mp xx mgu?

Maybe it’s me playing online, but in those moments when I air to air and land next to my opponent, I either have to tech a throw or eat a “dp”.

Off topic, I’m really getting angry about losing to jump-ins (no charge) when I know I should get the Anti-Air or AT LEAST a trade. I can’t tell if I’m sucking or if it’s the persons connection. SSFIV is VERY deceiving about your opponents true connection. It will show green, then after after the round you see the person has 1 red bar, and you’re like “OH… thats why I couldn’t stop any jump in… ain’t it?”

It’s VERY hard on DeeJay when you’re getting lag f$#ked. =0(

It takes practice. Dee Jay’s AA is situational and character specific. ST Fierce is his most reliable ground to air defense but it doesn’t work if the opponent is to far (this is when you use ST RH or CR RH)or to close to your head ( this is when you use ST Strong. On some characters you can LK sobat under them to stay safe). Knee shot is also a good anti air

@the 4th letter, just throw them, and if they DP you stay blocking next time or try backdashing.

Also some characters have really good air to ground jump ins, like Vega, Balrog, Blanka etc. You have to AA them early with LK/EX upkick. If you don’t have charge you can focus then backdash, or just block.

Some players take advantage of charge characters, and keep jumping on them before they get charge (blanka, adon…). If this happens you can AA them with cl. MP as soon as you see them leave the ground, and it should at least trade if not win. You can always focus and dash to safety too, to get out of situations like that.

Far HP rapes all of balrog’s jump-ins.

I practiced it in training. When he is at the peak of his jump you press fierce.

Deejay’s got about four solid BnB’s he can do off any jumpin:
[*] > c. jab x 3 >

[*]J. mk > c. jab > c. short > MGU (Or EX MGU > Ex dreads or upkick)

[*]J. mk > c. jab x2 > > Dreads (C. mp might whiff depending on spacing.)

[*]J. mk > c. jab > c. short > Any punch Max out.

I’m not suggesting you always jumpin with mk, but I am suggesting that you pick the best combo for whomever your playing against, as they can really make a difference.

Neutrally, #1 is ideal for about any situation, its Deejays most basic combo and it leads to an untechable knockdown, allowing you to start up some pressure and possibly your own iteration of the vortex.

The other three are very matchup dependent, but they have their uses.

#2 I usually use on uppercut characters, or characters like Bison and Chun-Li where moving them across the screen is ideal. THere aren’t any difficult one-framers, and with adequate charge time available off the jump in, it racks in good damage with full hit on MGU. Conversely, getting full the amount of possible hits on EX MGU even when blocked can put you at a tricky distance. Some characters lack a fast enough moves to punish the MGU blockstun, and if they don’t know the matchup extensively might throw out a random move to punish and give you a chance at a quick c. mk to get that knockdown. This can also lead to ultra in the corner, and with three bars, you can consistently get them a good way across the screen with this the first time, then finish them off with a successful MGU > Ultra on the second go.

#3 Is ideal on characters without a good reversal, or a great poke to punish, and it leads to further pressure if they’re a calmer type of fighter. This is a combo I use most commonly on Rose, Hakan, and Abel. It works well on Cody, but is an odd link that can be dropped quite easily, so its good to keep it in mind when you want to add alittle dread kick pressure. It’s easily punished, but you can follow up a regular lk dread kick version of the combo with another c. mp > lk dread kick (Not all a combo of course) but just to create pressure. Against Dhalsim, where you typically want to keep a forward moving head, this combo has saved me a few times.

The #4 is arguably the easiest, simplest way to do damage and still keep your spacing, its probably the easiest to do without a jumpin, because c. short has pretty nice range on it, and can combo into either MGU, or Max out from varying distances. This is my go to combo for characters I’m not looking to consistently keep pressure on (I. E turtling them) Zangief, T. Hawk, Abel, and Hakan, Makoto as well if they’re worth their salt. Keep them at a decent distance, and be glad that with the right amount of hits it can push you out of range of a mashed 360 inupt, allowing you to get the c. mk follow up and get a free mixup should you want it. Its not a very damaging combo, but its tried and true.

I can’t really call it much of an option select, seeing as they all lead to the same result, but keep in mind, they all have two similar options if blocked.

[]Take a step forward after two blocked jabs, or one blocked jab and one blocked short, and throw.
]Depending on the character, take a few steps back and throw out a lp maxout.
Jumping over and crossing up again is another option, but its too random for my liking. But here are a few ways to keep a solid game plan with Deejay and his BnB’s.

Why can’t I consitently link cr forward with two cr jabs? What am I doing wrong?

Why can’t I link ex MGU off of cr jab? They’re not one frame links. I honestly feel like it’s easier to do the 1 frame jab to strong link than either of these two combos