Can we cancel a registration due to a misunderstanding?

My friend registered for Evo only (and no events), thinking he needed to in order to be a spectator, however, we just found out that being a spectator is free and doesn’t require any registration.

Is it possible for him to cancel the registration? I feel like the description page was a bit unclear regarding this…if spectating didn’t require any registration, I think the system should not let you register without choosing at least 1 tournament (like it let him do)…


I think the possibility was there because registering allows you to partake in the Tekken (and possibly BB) exhibition tournaments, gets you a name badge, and a t shirt.

mikehaggar please check your pm’s

How wasn’t it clear? There have been no less than 10 threads about this and it’s asked 5 times in the FAQ thread.

That’s still not enough. Look at it this way: We live in a world that requires you by law, to label a cup of coffee as “potentially hot”.

also and are two different websites. you cant expect everyone that goes on one to register to go on the other one and read up on everything. especially since the first doesnt mention the second one in the registration process

Maybe tell him to try and sign up for something so he doesn’t miss out? I’d register even if I were just going to watch just to get the shirt.

its listed on as well.

twice. also says discussion forum and it links to this forum…

arg i am wrong!!!
sorry everyone