Can usb connectors be added to an old X-Arcade Xbox adapter to work on PS3?

Please excuse the extreme noobishness. I still have my dual stick X-Arcade and Xbox adapter I bought several years back. In looking to use it with either my 360 or PS3, I see that X-Arcade sells a 2 in 1 adapter that works for the original Xbox and the PS3. Just from the drawings, it appears to be the Xbox adapter with extra usb cables. I also remember reading that the Xbox controller plugs were just proprietary shaped usb connectors to begin with.

So is the old adapter worth adding wiring to, or is there other improvement in the 2 in 1 adapter that I should get it instead? Would the PS3 recognize the Xbox adapter if plugged in through usb? Is there a lag issue inherent in the adapter, or was that a problem when interfacing specifically with the Xbox?

There might be additional circuitry on the newer 2in1 to make it work with the PS3. Otherwise, they can just let their customers know that the existing USB adapters will still work on PS3’s. Too bad they don’t have one with both PS3 and 360. That would have been a better buy. Currently you’re gonna have to buy to separate adapters since they only have a dedicated one for 360.

Here is this:

As far as X-arcade converters go, I don’t know the reports on them. PS3 converters are a mixed grab bag of successful lag-free play, and absolute trash.

Hmm, guess it won’t work since that thread says usb controllers with drivers don’t work with the PS3, and Xbox controllers have drivers.

I got the wireless Tekken 6 stick in the $30 bundle from Best Buy, and just ordered an octagon gate from lizard lick, so I’ll just get the PS3 converter from x-gaming and use two sticks on the two consoles. Seems to be the most cost efficient thing I can do right now.

You could dual mod the X-Arcade with a PS360 or a ChimpSMD, then just replace the stock cable with a regular usb and your set.

You can also take Darkar Knight’s idea, and project box the PCBs if you want to still use the X-Arcade for PS1/PS2 use.
You need 2 DB-15 connectors and a corresponding cable for that to work.

As for the original Xbox, Yes their connector is a proprietor version of a USB cable, but I do not know if the original Xbox 360 used a HID (Human Interface Device) protocol or its own protocol. Protocol is for the most part the rules software and hardware used to talk to each other. Like how Spelling, syntax and grammar is part of the English Language protocol.

it is the reason why PS3 and Xbox 360 wired controllers are not compatible with the other’s system.
The USB cable is the same, but the protocol is different. PCs can understand both controllers just fine because they have drivers for both protocols (PC are multi-lingual). Xbox 360 because its MS, and PS3 uses generic HID drivers. Also for the Xbox 360 you need a secret decoder ring (security chip) for the controller to work with the system.

The dual mod sounds interesting, but since this is a dual stick, wouldn’t I need two boards? With that, it would cost the same to buy the regular adapters and I also wouldn’t have to crack the thing open. $30 for the 2 in 1, plus $60 for 360/PS2 adapter 2 player package, or $90 for 2 PS360s.

And this Tekken stick has a quarter inch of slop in the neutral position, it’s really annoying. The HRAP EX is on sale for $85 at amazon. If I just get rid of the X-arcade, I could dual mod that and change the gate. I prefer a bat top, but it isn’t an absolute thing.

I don’t have a PSone, and no games for the PS2 in the closet.

True it would take twice the boards for a dual stick. I almost forgot you said you had a dual stick, I was thinking only from a techical point of view and didn’t consider the price of the project.
I was not sure you had any PS1 or PS2 games, I just want to keep some options open, as it is up to you what options you take.

I want to inform and help people to the best solution that fits their needs and budget. I am glad you took the cost of 2 PS360’s in account; for that is an important skill when it comes to repair or modding.

As I said before the Original Xbox cable will not work with the PS3 since they use different Protocols, its like they speak different languages.

But back to the converter idea, you can take Nerrage’s idea and head to Read all of that applies to you, soak it in, then with all the available information make the choice that fits your needs and and budget.

If your going for a different stick that is fine too, good luck to that, and I hope we can be of help if you need it

make good use of the search function here, there are many threads and guides that would be valuable to you