Can this get it's own sub-forum? Toshinden returns for Wii!

The 2nd worst fighting game series returns on Wii! Time to mod them Wii’s for this hot new action. Side tournament at Evo for Toshinden for Wii!

It looks like a total reboot of the franchise, the Toshinden story begins ANEW! All the characters are new and TOTALLY COOL. Wow Toshinden for Wii! Let’s petition Playmates to stop being bankrupt and publish this in the US!

Hiryu no Ken, the game that curiously got 100 sequels with each one being worse than the last. Culture Brain’s magnum opus.

-insert your “YEAH 2008 IS ON FIRE” quote here-

Well, i dont know… Toshinden Subaru was decent.

you got toshinden messed up:rofl::rofl: man…well toshinden remix was okay.

Kayin is the only character worth using.

He’s Ken Masters…but with a broad sword. Fuck Duke and Eiji.

It’s amazing that Culture Brain lasted as long as they did producing the worst games ever developed. COSMIC DISK!

New Toshinden on Wii

News in the latest Famitsu.

No way! Scan?

I actually really like the character design in this one.

Where are the characters I know and don’t really like?

The art looks nice. The game looks okay, I guess.

wow…This is outta the fuckin blue. Someone must have walked into the vault and tripped over the game and been like ‘…OH YEEEEEAHH…I remember this…’

Don’t have one, but enough people have verified.

More steaming dog shit for the Wii.

What’s the worst fighting series?

Bushido Blade and Zero Divide are next. I can feel it in my prostate. Yes**,** homo. :mad: :sad:

Bushido Blade was the truth.

I loved Toshiden 1 on the PS1. Granted I was like 7 or something.

now with 50% more anime!!

<True_Tech> why is that buff ass man wearing a dress?

indeed. “Goyasurei”… why are you wearing a dress?

Oh wait, this is a reboot? Was wondering why I didn’t recognise anyone.

I really hope that’s a muscular woman…I got tired of the weirdness in this game series with Chaos’s wacked-out ass way back in 2.