Can someone tell me where I'm messing up? [LL Help]

I jump forward and do Raikousen, btw. Am I not doing it fast enough? Not low enough to the ground?

Actually, it’s because you’re not high enough on the second jump. You jump higher on the last one, but the body is lower than you expect because of the Raikousen before that being low. You want a fairly consistent jump height, or at least make your later one lower, not higher.

You’re doing lighting too late. Dont wait for the visual confirmation of the jump, just do it at the right timming.

If you look closely, your first rep of the loop is not getting a lot of hits off (the cloned loop or second loop is not getting enough hits), which is why by the time you do your second loop, he’s already falling too fast since the cloned loop didn’t keep him propped up.

You can fix this by either jumping higher (as the first response suggested), so that each of the lightning hits will connect, or you can do the second jump (the one that it fails) sooner so that it’ll catch him before he falls.

You look like you are trying to help, so good for you. Please don’t resurrect LL threads though, especially ones that look like they were answered.

Loop threads should not exist, all those questions go to the QA thread. In future please don’t answer LL threads except to point to the question/answer thread.

You look like you are trying to help, so good for you. Please don’t tell me where I can or cannot post, especially if I don’t care about your opinion.

Loop threads exist because people want to work on their loops, and should these threads not exist in the first place, then the appropriate moderator should remove these threads altogether and kindly request these posters to move their questions into the Q&A thread.