Can someone out there please make a CPS-3 rebooter for dead CPS-3 carts. Please?!

I know there are a lot of talented people out there in the tech thread and all over the internet but, isn’t it time that dead CPS-3 carts be revived? I mean the CPS-3 is already decrypted for the MAME, so shouldn’t we have something like a phoenix version of the CPS-3? The techies out there I know tell me that unlike reviving dead CPS-2 carts, which is a software problem, reviving a dead CPS-3 cart is strictly a hardware problem. So unlike the CPS-2, in the CPS-3 you can’t change EPROM chips to phoenix them. Since the CPS-3 is strictly a hardware problem, can’t someone just make a rebooter? I know it sounds hard but I’m desperate. And we need a rebooter for all the regions: Japan, Asia, Europe, and USA.

Can someone out there use the technology in decoding the CPS-3 for MAME and use that same technology to create a rebooter so that they could revive a dead third strike or warzard cart? The way it works I hear is that we need to attach a rebooter to the motherboard and then it will restore all the lost data that has been suicide. Instead of just hacking into the cart, why don’t we just make the rebooter?

I know, I know, I myself am not a tech head so I wouldn’t know what to do. But right now I have four dead third strike carts and I would like them to come back to life in my lifetime. Right now no one in the arcade industry wants to help us with our dead carts. Not even the companies who made the games. They just want all of us to fry and be helpless. As of today the CPS-3 is the only arcade system that cannot be played forever.:sad:

So please someone out there, find a way to cook up a CPS-3 rebooter and share the recipe with the community and let all those dead third strike carts in the world live again. The world would be a better place.:wgrin:

All this from a really recent SRK archive I found on a google search. Hope this helps.

And I know you are looking for us to actually go in and figure it out ourselves, but options like this are probably why that hasn’t been done yet unfortunately.