Can someone MOD my Hori EX2 Arcade Stick (Xbox 360)

Hey guys,

I’ve been reading alot on this forum and some have you have made some amazing Mods for your sticks!!

I really really want to Mod my Hori EX2 for Street Fighter4 by adding new butons and a better stick, But i wouldnt be able to do it in a million years, Its too hard for me and i dont really have the time!

Its the fact is that i dont know anything about electronics like connecting all the parts up and Soldering!

Do any of you know people who i could send my stick to and get it modded for a price? does a service like this even exist??

Or is there a Total Noobs guide anywhere, All the guides seem to be for people who have done some sort of eletronics before?

Or is it that easy that i could do it myself?

I’m sorry if this didnt require its own thread, i did try searching

over 60+ views and not 1 person has bothered to reply?!

i was told this forum is great for helping people…

Unfortunately, the EX2 requires basic soldering, which honestly isn’t that difficult.

(last one seems to be down)

That’s all I can help you with. The services you’re looking for are a bit rare.

It should be easy enough to do yourself, you just need to take it slowly and carefully.

There’s a whole thread about the ex2 I think, and theres definitely one about the fs3, which has the same innards plus 2 buttons.

The guides all have pictures too, so it should be pretty simple for you, if a bit confusing at first.

Ive had a look and its still too hard to do if you have never done anything like this before…

Ill just have to stick to not modding it

Hey there’s a couple peeps on the Trading forums who does modding service…One guy is Airthrow, i think he charges $30 to mod an EX…

The thing is do you really want to mod your EX2? In the end it will cost you just as much as a TE stick…

$30 mod service
$20 shipping back n forth
$20 Sanwa buttons
$25 Sanwa/Semitsu stick
$10 Artwork

$105 just to mod it…Seems a bit expensive…

Here’s a better option you can do:

*Look in the trading forum, sometimes you can find a modded EX2 for less then $100…

*Got to the region section & see if you can find someone locally to do your mod…

*Sell your EX2 stick buy SFIV SE or HRAPEX & mod it yourself…