Can someone here build me an arcade stick?

im looking for the best buttons that don’t wear out
and a bat style joystick
6 buttons layout out straight
i live in canada
and i’m looking to spend no more than 130 US shipping included

Tech Talk

That’s the best place to start asking since they talk about sticks too.

You might get help in GD, but they mostly want threads like this one in the Teck Talk section of the forum.

Hardware discussion and Darkside makes hella good stiks. :tup:

yeah i already asked in that forum but nobody answered me
GD is the way to go if you want anything done in life
Darkside? cool, i’ll PM him, thanks.

go to trading outlet, and ask for one from dreaded fist or finkle or from someone else.

I’ll vouch for Dreaded Fist’s sticks. Mad nice.

For $130, you can’t get a finkle or Byrdo stick but you can get a Dreaded Fist stick (it’s going to be a little over $130).

I make some stuff too, but Tech talk and trading forums are your best bet.

Dreaded Fist is the man!

Nice stick man Dudley ftw !