Can someone help me with a print question I have to come home in 30 minutes at work

If someone can answer this for me quickly I would be very grateful. I work for an office that has high end office equipment and I want to print out a template I am going home for the weekend in 30 minutes. For some reason the template does not seem to print properly. Here is the one I want to use.

Sorry for starting a thread like this I will delete once it is answered.

Thank you.

“For some reason the template does not seem to print properly.” isn’t a question. You didn’t mention what the problem is at all.

Maybe the template is a higher or lower resolution than you want. of your printer has “fit to print area” enabled.

well thats my problem with my printer. When I print it cuts off the image because of the borders. Any suggestion to fix it?

If you are printing at %100 size, and the borders are coming off you either need a bigger printer (all the bigger ones are professional grade meant for designers), or need to take it to a place with a large format printer.

I see I only printed it on my printer to see the actual color that comes out. It’s totally different from what I see on screen -_-

Are you using high quality photo paper designed for your printer’s ink? Also are you in CMYK color space?

If you are using plain paper, the color will come out darker and duller, and blurrier.

You got it right I’m using regular paper on my printer. Not sure how to change my psd file to cmyk color space.

If you are using Photoshop…

Image > Mode > CMYK Colorspace

I’m not a print specialist Graphic Designer, but CMYK will substitute printable colors in since real ink cannot print all of the colors of the RGB spectrum. RGB refers to additive colors made of light and CMYK is used when you are dealing with subtractive color inks, Cyan Magenta Yellow and BlacK.

ahhh I see! So when I bring it to kinkos to print it’ll look like what I see on the screen? Thanks for the help btw!

lol Yeah, sorry I was in a hurry when i wrote that. I should have elaborated. I had an issue with the actual size of the print. I read that standard size paper would work fine, but the template was too big.

Yea it’s weird my photoshop version is too big to print like my printer won’t print close to the edge. I downloaded a fellow srker picture and printed that and it printed perfectly on a standard piece of paper.

Not sure what i’m doing wrong but hopefully someone can point out why my printer doesn’t like my art. haha