Can someone help me out with this combo (Little Girl, Big Damage)


Maybe it’s the timing or something, how long should this take me to learn? It seems like I can’t get all the hits to connect properly, maybe someone could write out the numbers? Any tips about this combo…? Is it easy, medium, hard? Also can I BBQ into her broom move again, and then cancel into her broom super? If so, if I were to do that, followed by Casshan’s Brutal Axe how much damage should I expect?

Just in case… taken from Trag’s post:

… air dash C -> 236A, land, A,2B,C,3C, sj.A,B,B -> 236C, falling B, land, 3C, sj.A,A,B,B -> 236C, falling B, land, j.B -> 236B, land, A,B(1-hit),C,3C, sj.A,A,B,B -> 236B, falling B, dj.B -> 236C, land, [4]6C… wait… MASH!

I consider this a medium-hard difficulty, as I’m still having trouble getting beyond two hits. And yes, you can BBQ into her broom again (timing is tricky) and you can cancel into her broom super like normal as long as she’s scrubbing/sweeping. With damage scaling (each extra hit does less damage than normal) and Casshan’s Brutal axe adds around 4K of damage, I would estimate around 34-37k?

I don’t understand, like, I just keep trying and trying…

I try to dumb it down. I just do launch, jump, aa, bb, swing (b no charge) b on the way down, but I can’t launch again. Sometimes I can, but the combo doesn’t loop. so it would be 7 hits, and then if I get the launch in, the string resets. Can someone explain very specifically what I’m doing wrong.

I mean, explain the timing, if I need a charge, if I need to double jump, does where you are in the corner matter. I even sometimes try, aa, and then only one b, but I just can’t get the second part to connect. When should I jab on the way down, and when should I launch prior to that. Please be very specific I really want this.This is driving me nuts. I don’t know why I can’t do it.

Anyone, does it have to do with using weak, vs heavy swing? can someone please explain it in great detail, I really want to learn this.

unless I’m mistaken, light swing doesn’t knock down, it just creates minor hitstun.

Let me rephrase, On the ground light swing knocks down, in the air it doesn’t, medium and heavy do knock down, medium just has better recovery than heavy

I didn’t know people still checked this part of the forum out…

I can’t do Trag’s combo for the life of me, but I can somewhat pull off relaunch combos w/Roll.

If you’re trying to do Relaunch combos w/ Roll, you need to remember to make sure the opponent is above her when doing the swing. Also, use the C version as that makes them stay in the air longer than the B version.

A basic I try to use is launch, B, B, double jump, B, B, © swing. When the opponent is falling down you have to time it at the last possible second to hit the next B before touching the ground then immediately go into relaunch. The timing is strict in this part.