Can someone help me out real quick?

So, I main Team Scrub. Sometimes I’d switch Sentinel for Iron Man for his Projectile Assist (it’s actually a nice assist for Cable). Anyway, I’m having the HARDEST time getting around Blackheart’s Anti-Air assist, especially when they have Sentinel. No matter what I do, I’d get caught in the Heart of Darkness, so I’m stick there being forced to block and then eventually get chipped to death. Anyone know a way for me to get around it so I can actually attack my opponent when he has his Blackheart assist? Thanks.

Stay mobile. Build meter. Shoot that bitch(Blackheart). Eventually he’ll stop calling that assist. Also, what level of play are we talking? Sentinal drones punish Blackheart since he takes awhile to leave the field after assisting.

I guess average. I usually go for Projectile Assist when picking Sentinel, but I might switch to Ground. Good idea?

Yeah, drones are better than RP for Scrub.

if its the blackheart assist, wait til after hes called, then AHVB.

if its blackheart on point, nades and shoot that mother fucker out the sky with FP>AHVB. also drone assist to keep him locked down.

also, since alot of crappy blackhearts online jump and run away, wavedash and get up close. blackheart usually wants to keep you away and covered with demons

Okay, and what do I do if they fly with Sentinel and continue to stomp on me while calling the BlackHeart assist? Is there where Captain Commando comes in?

Capcom is always supposed to be called when some ones on top of you. You can do that, or you can do a scrimitar, and that can usually beat out stomping.