Can someone give me advice on dressing my cat up like a Street Fighter character

Hello I was thinking about dressing my cat up and posting pictures online. Then maybe some of them pretty girls who play video games (since they have low self esteem) will start to be interested in my cat, and thus interested in me

So how should I dress up my cat? I was thinking about Cammy but the thong is a little difficult because of his tail. Also since he is a black cat maybe I could dress him up as Dudley, Balrog, or Birdie since they are black too

But I am extremely desperate for some female companionship, and I have noticed that most women who are interested in video games, comic books, and anime (which I don’t like) have extremely low standards and a lot of emotional baggage - this is great, because I also have low standards and emotional baggage. My mom got run over by a Harley Davidson and is in the hospital in a coma. If you are religious please pray for my dear mom

Posting in an rsigley alternate account thread.


:frowning: OP you didn’t even try


A cat dressed up like R. Mika would be so cute!

long live R. Mikat~~