Can someone give me a quick rundown on ST Sim?

Hi, I just started playing ST and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on some Sim strats? Apparently Dhalsim is a really good character in ST, but I don’t know how to use him. Thanks:)

Could you be a little less vague? :smiley:

lol… well it’s because I don’t know much about Sim. From what I see, his slide is really good and he can zone effectively because of his limbs and yoga fire. It’s just that I don’t really know what to do. To be less vague I guess, could someone give me some b&bs and some general strats (e.g. throw yoga fire, poke with a limb). Thanks

err…sim isn’t really about combos. Although he has some 2-in-1s like db+forward xx yoga fire, he usually get his damage in from his pokes, chipping with yoga fires and flames, and throwing ppl around.

I don’t play Dhalsim too much, but 2 things you should learn is all his antiairs and how to setup tick throws.

Some of his antiairs include back+jab, back+strong, jump back fierce, slides, back+ forward, forward and roundhouse. Learn when and against whom each of the antiairs are used.

One good tactic is to try and bait them to whiff a move, then hit stand strong. You’ll either hit them or make them block. Once you’ve gotten them set up into thinking you’ll poke you can either poke again, or do nothing and bait them into jumping which lets you hit them with an antiair.

Oh and learn how to get around fireballs. Far crouch strong/fierce(?), slides and forward/roundhouse drills are good for avoiding them.

People love to jump at sim.

Don’t forget to triangle jump like Magneto to get over FBs, hit people who throw FBs, as a tick, whiff and bait, blah blah.

Thanks for the tips… I guess I’ll have to work on Sim a bit more.


Where do you play ST? Only machine I know is at metro and that machine has shitty sticks.

I play at a friends house on a DC = P. I actually just started playing the game; the first game I started with was 3S. = )

Anyway, I hear that tick throwing with Sim is really effective but I don’t understand why it would be better for him compared to other characters.


That’s because in ST and other SF2 games characters have different throw ranges, and Dhalsim has one of the biggest throw ranges in the game. You can boot up training mode and see for yourself just from how far dhalsim can grab someone. So if your distancing is right, you can tick someone into a grab and chances are he’s out of range to grab you while you can grab him. Don’t try this shit on characters like Zangief or Honda tho, lol.

you can also get to do some stupid stuff with sim like getting a throw off lp yoga fire xx teleport they block you throw (because you get behind them). other than that just mess around with whatever he’s got really good throws and a cross under just check out some videos of jason cole to give you an idea of how to play