Can ppl really RS on reactoin?

I don’t think it’s possible. Everytime I’ve landed RS, I had to have time to predict or guess that they were going to jump.

The only way I get it is if I’m crouching already. That way all you need to do is a quick half circle back motion, then slam the stick to down-forward. This is really hard against Blanka’s and Vega’s jumps though. I go into training mode and set the speed at one star to practice anti-airing those two character’s jump-ins.

get into habit of guessing on anti-air Raging Storm --> you die to people jumping on you over and over :sad:

is it just me? or is it for everyone?

I cannot RS without charging, no matter how hard i try i can never RS without charging first. It’s wierd…i’ve tried to do it without charge but nothing is coming out. Is charge required?

Also: i wonder how many people on SRK hate this 240 second time limit for posting. :lame: :lame: :lame:

Charge? That’s weird. I’d follow the advice kcxj, as that’s when I’m able to react with RS. There’s also a little easier way some people do where you just do 2 hcb, then df+p. I’ve tried this, and it works, but it seems longer than the conventional method. This seems to work for a lot of people who have trouble doing the motion though. Try it and see how it works for you.

If I’ve got my opponent cornered, and they don’t have full health, I’ll stick to my ground game. When I see you in the air, RS on reaction. However, I normally consider 2-3 options at once, and if RS isn’t one of them, I won’t get you with it. I’d probably just c.fp.

But yes, I have done RS on reaction.