Can i use white rims from the standard edition stick with OBSF-30 colored buttons?

so i want to get some…

but i want white rims. can i use the white rims from the SE stick, or do i need to buy 8 of those same things just so i can have rims -_-

The Mad Catz Buttons are different build than Sanwa.

Will work for the Mad Catz Buttons of the TvC Arcade FightStick though.

But you can buy Sanwa Buttons with White Body and Color Plunger.,, Lizard Lick.

thanks for the quick reply. i guess its 4 blue and 4 whites then =\ buying 8 extra whites just for the rims is too much =[

And that’s why you don’t buy your buttons until you have your art finalized.

o, ive got art, dont worry :slight_smile: thanks though

You can buy them mixed the way you want…

i already ordered from lizard lick…would i just email them and say “hey, i was hoping to get blue with white rims? can i get 8 since i paid for 8 buttons?”

You would have to ask the seller, asked Nareg from a while back he said hes not doing it at the moment. But sells white rimmed buttons with a bunch of diffrent colored plungers like what youre looking for

Well for Lizard Lick would have to ask Chad.
He says to e-mail him.

But Nareg of shows on Webstore that do have.
Did you ask him before he put up the option?
Or his Webstore just not update?

well i emailed chad and if he does it, he does it and if not, he doesn’t i’ll live either way.

i know this is a double post but i wanted to bump it up.

ive already heard back from Chad at lizard lick and he said…

:slight_smile: ill definitely order from him in the future :slight_smile:

Yes, Chad is great and accommodating.
Replies to questions quickly.
Ships super fast.

I have a question a little off topic but i will ask here anyway. Can i put a Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly on a stock SE stick and make it feel like a Sanwa? Or is it not even worth it?

You’re better off replacing the whole thing.

Yeah thats what i figured, Thanks
Big Ups To MO.!