Can I solder a stick wire back together?

My dog chewed through my stick wire, is it possible to fix this?

Yes. If you don’t mind the aesthetics of it, you can simply solder the wires back together. Just cut the wires where your dog chewed it. Now of the two ends you’ve just created, cut off another half-inch to an inch of wiring just to make sure you get some clean wires.

Now open up the wiring, move the insulation material out of the way, and you should see 4 wires on both ends. Just match the same colored wires and either solder them together, if you don’t feel like doing that, you can use a crimp connector. It’s much uglier and bulkier though.


There is even a video on it

there are no-chew bitter sprays you can use on the wire too keep it from happening again

Or you could simply twist them together and wrap tape around each twist, then use a wrench handle rubber dip to recoat it. It’s an easier solution though less permanent.

Soldering means creating rigid connections which will break under stress such as being bent roughly by accident and then your connection is screwed. You can securely twist the wires together and have a more durable connection if you twist them together well enough and then insulate.

What you’re better off doing is buying a new cable and soldering the base of it to the PCB, that way, no part of the wire is more rigid and prone to cracking than the rest of the wire. This is one reason Neutriks are so handy, in the event your wire breaks, you can simply replace it. No big deal. Cables are a dime a dozen.

Should of rather said take a look at Nerrage’s Video on USB repair and do was Moonchilde suggested and using a Neutrik in conjunction.

Great thing with USB passthoughs is if you ruined a cable, no big deal just grab another and plug it in.

Yeah, I’d follow Moonchilde on this one. I would probably just get a Neutrik wired up and that way you have detachable cables, so no worries about getting a wire ripped out at the PCB or your dog biting through a cable that should be permanent.

Modular may not be what the companies are giving us, but it’s a tech talk standard by now.

This is what i used to do