Can I RMA my SE fightstick if warranty sticker is broken?

Hi, First time Poster!

I suppose the reasoning behind this doesn’t matter, but here it is:

Ordered and arrived last Wednesday (5/13) but the fierce punch button was sticky. 50% detection/execution rate. I was pretty sad and I wanted it fixed naturally. Opened it up and popped open the button and realigned the circuitry within the HP button and gave it a shot. WORKS PERFECT NOW!!!

Thing is, the stick still looks a little scratched and dented and the joystick has a bit of a lag problem. Buttons are confirmed to be in working order. Will I be lucky enough to have this RMA’d? I’m prepared to face denial but I just wanna try first-whether they listen to reasoning or not.

RMA sticker, number, shipping label and box already prepared to send out for tomorrow.

Thanks these forums are great!

Out of curiosity what do you mean by joystick lag?

There are a few instances when moving in a direction doesnt immediately register on screen. i dont think its hdtv lag if usually everything looks fine.

Still, can I RMA with teh sticker broken?


i’m pretty sure i’ve heard of people sending sticks to madcatz to be repaired even modded ones, and they didn’t charge anything for it. the people only had to pay for shipping.

This all most likely depends upon the mood of the person that receives it. The official stance is that the warranty is broken as soon as the warranty sticker is broken.

What is actually happening (at least to some) is that they are repairing sticks that have been opened at no cost to the customer for repair.

Oh that’s good thanks guys! This whole ordeal feels very much like Rockband accessories when those came out. Broken pedals, guitars, mics.

Glad to hear that I’m more or less OK, bought from w a receipt and not ebay.

Anyway, the standard 90day warranty is kind of short and silly.

I was able to rma my modded sf4 se joystick no out of pocket expense, they paid for shipping both ways: &

how long have you had it? I’m able to RMA it within 14 days of leaving the warehouse.