Can I mix different colored Screw In buttons together?

Since I’m waiting for my buttons, could anyone tell me if I can do this with screw-in Sanwas (OBSN-30s)? Are the steps the same, or would they be different?

I made a post on this thread ( ) but it looks like it’s being overlooked, so I figured I’d make a thread specifically about my question. I’m planning on getting Sanwa OBSN-30s for a stick I also plan on getting. Snap ons won’t mount properly, so they need to be screw on. I want to mix and match some of the buttons for different colored rims and buttons. However, the guide (in the link above) only details how to do it with snap on buttons. Is it just as possible to mix the button and rims for screw in buttons? I’m somewhat new to all of this so please bear with me :wonder:

Also, is it possible to use the snap-in buttons with a screw in rim/switch? In particular, Sanwa has purple and dark blue snap in buttons, but not screw in. I’d like white rim with purple and dark blue buttons, but they need to be screw in. So, could I switch them up?

You’re only switching the internals, which are identical between the two so yeah it will work fine.

Sanwa snap ins and screw ins are the same type of buttons. It goes the same for Seimitsu buttons too.